Is this as low as it has ever been?

Or very close.

If we are patient and improve talent to 4 and 5 stars at every position, will that be enough to be a top ten program for this coaching staff.

Gonna take quite some time

I truly feel like it will take some time, but we’ll get there. The question is will the fan base allow it.

I still haven’t given up on this season.

It just takes one. One game we shouldn’t win to show everyone what can happen.

No. I feel like we’re in a much better spot than the previous years. I hope the coach sticks with Starkel. Still gonna be a long season but I think we’ll surprise a team or two.

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I feel a lot better about winning a game like that after the 2nd half. The next two weeks should help gel some, and we should see improvement

Brother I hope so, though as some have pointed out, CSU won’t be a cake walk.

This is not an SEC offensive coaching staff.
Way over their heads along with CCM.


To answer the question, it is close to a whole lot of other lows in the last 30 years. Firing our coach after one game in the season is one of those points, JLS’s year was close, but I thought (wrongly) that that one year was just an anomaly, and we would be back.

As far as feeling like do we have a future? I think I feel about what I felt like in 1992 after we fire Crowe and then continued to suck. But even then I was stupid enough to think we could make the right hire and compete.

I finally, in the last few years, got OK with the fact that we can never be a national or SEC power, but thought we could get back to maybe the Nutt years. Now, I don’t see that happening. Ole Miss has nothing going for it, been on probation, scholarship limits, and their team and program are better than ours. We are the Vandy of the West. The team everyone puts a “W” beside our name on the schedule. So yes, as I type this, I think this is the lowest we have been in my lifetime (56 years).

I haven’t looked it up, but I imagine 3-9 or 4-8 and 0-16 would be be the worst 2 consecutive season record in our history.

Conference record it would be.

Its low! 3 wins this year maybe 5 next year … But who is going take this job as of now

JJ this is a great job. We just hired the wrong coach. We have plenty of money to replace him after next year. We will get a better coach. HY will not put up with this.

We won’t win an sec game this year either it looks like. Offensive staff in way over their heads. Having to play freshmen on both lines isn’t a winning formula for now. Down the road it will help but not now. Us and Tennessee are laughing stock and embarrassment to the sec.

London I will bite. Who you gonna go get? Don’t say norvell because he and Morris are mirror equals.

College football is about recruiting. Look no further than LSU. You got to get athletes. Now, I will say that in this message board climate every recruit is hyped as a 3-4 star and sec talent. Not blaming anyone but that is the nature of business. Coach Morris can recruit. He keeps this up and talent will be where we win games.

So, who you gonna hire?

I’m not advocating Morris be fired, but no he and Norvell are not mirror equals.

Norvell’s Memphis teams beat the snot out of Morris’ SMU teams - badly every time.

Memphis is considerably better than Arkansas now.

I really wanted Norvell to be hired, but that ship has passed and I’m going to support and root for Coach Morris to turn this around. He inherited a disaster and it’s a long, hard process.

I’d throw whatever money it took at David Shaw. Great money at Whittingham, and honestly, I’d take a hard look at Brian Harsin. Then Kiffin, Fitzgerald, and maybe Doeren.

Oh, and try to get Richt out of retirement.

3 of your names are coaching at jobs they won’t leave or simply won’t fit. Shaw is west coast and runs same stuff as bielema. Would not fit. Whittingham is morman and spent entire life on west coast. Fitzgerald ain’t leaving northwestern. Doreen is besties with bielema. He ain’t coming. Harsin is west coast too and isn’t coming this way either.

Norvell has personal issues. We have already been there.

You can make a list of names but you have to see who is really interested. Not many without any Jimmie and joe’s. Let’s relax and give Morris a chance. He might just know more than you think

Richt was fired at Miami because he wants his son on his staff. He ain’t a fit either. To win here you have to have good in state talent (btw only 5-6 a year ain’t cutting it) and get into Texas Memphis oklahomevlouisiana and Alabama and then coach em up. They are getting players, need more. Then coach em up