Is this a must win for OM and UA?

If each is to keep taking steps in conference, and both coming off high profile losses?

Seems like both teams need this win.

Would be great to win this one and come home for a few weeks

Let’s go, Hogs!

That is true. It’s a big game for both. But the key will be the physical health of each team game by game the rest of the way. That’s what determines the final results. Coach the guys you got and hope you got more than the other guys week to week.


I don’t recall us having anybody that might be out although Bishop must have got dinged up because I saw Clark out there quite a bit.

I saw several of Ole Miss guys go down with injuries in the game I didn’t pay close enough attention to see if they came back in.

They have had this game circled since the horn sounded last year. Got to remember they scored 20 points on us with 6 interceptions… our DL is much better than last year but I still figure we got to score a 30+ to win it

Hopefully Miss won’t be able to get sky high 2 weeks in a row

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That’s a good point both of these teams got big time doses of reality handed to them. Coaches will have to do a really good job of putting that behind them and getting ready for a big game. I don’t think we were emotionally ready coming off a huge win against a&m. It’s very tough to be ready to go every single game especially at 11:00 in the morning which the game will start this week at that time.

It’s imperative that we get off to a good start if not deja Vu can sit in real quick when you’re facing an offense as good as Ole Miss… I hope we get the ball and don’t defer I would like to get off to a quick lead against them.


It’s unlikely they will. The question is whether we also got sky high. I have no way of knowing, but I bet we didn’t expend as much as OM. They came so close to beating Bama last year. They had an extra week to concentrate on Bama.

The best advantage they have is that they’re at home. (I say that without knowledge of the injury situation of either team.). I don’t think they out- physical us the way UGA did. However, I don’t expect Corral to play as badly as he did last year.

I think they will be sky high bc of what happened last yr,we need to get the ball and take about 5-6 min and knock some of that excitement out of them like Ga did us.


Exactly Youda - knock the taste out of their mouth


I agree on every point. I will say this. I predicted we would go 8-4. I am always optimistic…and 8-4 seemed like a realistic, glass half full prediction. The four losses in my head were:

Once we beat the Aggies, 9-3 became my prediction by default. With a dream scenario of 10-2.
We can still achieve 9-3 even with a LOSS to Ole Miss…so long as we beat Auburn. Like I said earlier…we need to split those to have a chance at 9-3. Win both and we really have a good chance…because I doubt we will be favored in Death Valley.

From what I saw of LSU last night, I don’t see how they win any more games. they can’t run the ball a lick. There defense is pretty good, but not up to LSU standards.


Agree, and thanks for bringing up the point regarding the six interceptions. They were all on Matt Corral. Kiffin used the game as a hard learning experience for him (by not replacing him at some point as most coaches would have done).

I believe this is a big intantible that favors Ole Miss. As you said youdaman, Kiffin and Corral have had this game circled bigtime since the final horn sounded last year. They will be very motivated for some redemption!

Believe all things considered these two teams are fairly evenly matched. The above intantible will be very challenging to overcome.


If Arkansas wants any shot at competing for the West, it’s absolutely a must win. Bama is the only team from the West that I see as being on Georgia’s level, so the possibility is absolutely there for us to be undefeated in the West going into the Bama game. OM is the toughest team(as of right now) before we get to Bama. So yes, must win for us.

Good point Clay …. This is what also concerns me about Auburn. We’ll be coming home after three tough, physical road trips and Auburn will come in off a bye. Concerned about how much we’ll have left in the tank - physically and emotionally - come October 16th.

I believe Auburn plays Georgia next Sat

You’re correct - for some reason I thought they played UGA after us.

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