Is this a good time to ask again about Global Warming?

We are cold in SabaNation!

We headed to Florida to miss the cold in Chattanooga. It’s in the 30’s and 40’s in central Florida. I suppose that beats the teens back home. Plus it’s raining…

I live in fort Myers Florida, we are about where Miami is except on the Gulf coast, so directly opposite of Miami, can’t go much farther south in this side (fun fact, Ryan Pully is from here).

It snowed in Sarasota 2 nights ago. That is about 70 miles north of me and like 50 south of Tampa… that ain’t supposed to happen here :slightly_frowning_face:

Even Trump’s golf is affected. By the way, American taxpayers spent 43 million dollars at Trump’s resorts last year for him to play golf. Hopefully one of his courses will be someplace warm.

We’ll be in Naples the first week in February. I’m ready for warm!

One of the effects of global warming is, while the average temperature rises each year, greater extremes in weather occur as well. So, we got polar bears playing in mud instead of snow in melting north Canada during the summer and we got snow in Tampa in January. My brother-in-law tells me that the likelihood of Hurricane Harvey type storms used to be 1 in 2000 and now is 1 in 200 as a result of Global Warming.

If you look at a chart of average temperatures back through time (they somehow determine this by coring glaciers or tree rings or something else equally scientific) there have been much warmer periods than the one we are in now. That means it all has happened before so it is nothing new. What’s new is the rate of change. All of the greenhouse gases have accelerated the warming, so instead of it happening very gradually, it is coming on like an on-coming train. Huge volcanoes and/or meteors have accelerated the warming or cooling occasionally in the past. (<LINK_TEXT text=“ … eroid.html”></LINK_TEXT>) We are having the equivalent every year for decades with no end in sight so it might get to be a bumpy ride on this climate roller coaster. I would not advise my grandchildren to buy any ocean front property. JMVVVVVVHO

I will run outside and do my Sun-dance for you :joy:

Billions of years ago the earth was encased by ice a mile thick. Also, during the time of dinosaurs …there were no ice caps…it was tropical. The earth’s climate and temperatures have been heating and cooling for 3-4 billion years. So, the global warming proponents expect us to believe this theory because of statistics gathered and analyzed in less than a hundred or two hundred years? That is like a blink of an eye in the lifetime of the earth. We may not know this answer for another billion years.

It’s not that climates haven’t changed through the eons. Heck, even the locations of the continents have changed over that course of time. It’s the speed of the change that’s a problem. I’m no scientist, but I don’t doubt scientific methods. When virtually all of them warn us there’s a problem, then there’s a problem. We’re seeing things quite consistent with global warming. Rising sea levels, worse hurricanes, melting tundra are just a few. Most nations are doing their best to reduce carbon emissions by going to more solar & wind power. Fortunately, our country might head that way soon enough simply because they’re getting cheaper. Electric cars (e.g. Tesla) are becoming cheaper. Not sure we can stop global warming. Perhaps we can slow it.

Thanks JHog. I feel the same way.

And, for razor, I once worked on a project at Marco Island. Used to know that area well—35 years ago.

Valuable book from grad school: Thomas Kuhn’s The Structure of Scientific Revolutions. Short version, filtered through years of additional ideas being added to it: we live conclusions as if they have always been that way, and will always be that way. Right up to the moment the arguments against overwhelm the old paradigm and squash it.

If the anti-climate change arguments were being created by a cavalcade of well-respected scientists it would be worth a listen. The overwhelming majority of experts align with climate change. The trend is growing. This is the new paradigm, even it if doesn’t jive with some of our political or spiritual mythos.

I am not a ‘true believer’ - climate change science could benefit from some PR work, at the least. I tend to pay attention to experts and not talking points from some propaganda machine related to the church I attend or the candidate I vote for. In that regard, I am pretty rare - I carry no loyalties to either.

Now, to twist this back to sports (this is a sports message board, right?): my son and I had a great conversation this week about CFP games and locations. Can you imagine some rocket scientist booking the semi-final (or final) games in NYC? Philly? Chicago? Big stadiums, prime media markets, cool peripheral things for fans. Really craptastic weather. I told my son this weather is why we do big bowls in the south, and in domes. I am reminded how thankful I didn’t go to Memphis for the Petrino Piberty Bowl.

You know who loves global warming? The Russians. The North Sea is melting and shippping lanes, once closed, are now open. In Russia global warming is a welcomed phenomenon. The frozen wastelands are melting.

Not a good thing for the US or world at large.

well done. it’s more accurately termed “climate change”. BTW, I’m advising my kids not to buy in coastal communities

Marco is where the rich folk live :slight_smile:

I’ve been down here since I was 8 in 1999. I’m pretty much a Floridian now (trust me my grandpa makes fun of me for losing my accent)

Of course, these “scientists” are not adhering to the scientific method, as you think of it. They are inserting fudge factors and downright false data to steer the conclusions, in order to keep the grant money (both Government and the private interests who are interested in collecting those huge carbon footprint penalties). I’m willing to bet that one decent sized volcanic eruption puts out more environmental contamination than all the puny efforts of mankind in it’s history.

Did you cut and paste this from Breitbart?!?

Nice try, but it just shows that you know as little about the real world as you do about sports. Try thinking before you attack without any basis in facts.

NOAA, NASA, and countless other apolitical scientific organizations & scientists all over the world disagree with you. Scientists know how to measure sea levels rises, arctic ice melts, & various other phenomena that make the fact of climate change undeniable. One can argue about how fast it might be occurring or how consequential it will be at any given time in the near future, no one can reasonably deny it.

I would like to see the “science” on that. That volcano erupting to equal all of mankind’s greenhouse gas generation hasn’t happened recently that I know of. That is good since mankind has been doing its work for it. When you add a hundred or two years of increasing “equivalent to a huge volcano eruption” to the normal warming and cooling that the earth “naturally” does, it is not a good thing. Can we stop it? Not hardly. Can we slow it down? Sure, there is no doubt we have sped it up, so we can do that less. One thing that ALL of the temperature graphs over time show is the rate of temperature change since the Industrial Revolution is much more extreme for a much longer time than any of the cooling or warming effects of those volcanoes you are claiming. Now that meteor that killed the dinosaurs was for sure far beyond what man is doing now, but it looks to me like we are running in second place to that. JMVVVVVVVHO

Hogmodo, look up the Yellowstone Caldera. There are several Calderas known as SuperVolcanoes. They are extinction level events. We are getting close to Yellowstone’s timeframe again. As for “science” 97% say one thing. 3% say another, I’d encourage you to research the three%, you may realize the 97% is probably WRONG