Is there someone new and significant interested......................

…in the Arkansas job? I would not be surprised if several agents contacted Arkansas when they saw the kind of money we were offering Gus, but is there one of those that we would be interested in?

That offer was made to Malzahn. I do not think it is being made to other coaches.

Really? A&M just made that amount the going rate for top tier coaches. It won’t be long until Saban moves up way above that. If any top tier coach at a major program called to say he might come for $7mil, the UofA wouldn’t be interested?

From what I’ve read/heard that huge money was to be donated by the Gus Bus big money folks in NWA. I assume they are not interested in spending that on another coach.

And which top tier coach is worth that kind of money? And why would they leave the situation they are in for that money? Most likely they are represented by Sexton and he would use it again as leverage for a raise for those coaches. I suppose I’m cynical at this point.

You’d have to ask yourself, is the guy really top-tier or does his agent just think he’s top tier? A lot of the ones who might inquire are going to be checking to see if there is a chance we will price the market based on what we offered Gus, rather than whether their guy really could command a big premium to the market.

The list of names who could command a big premium would be pretty short, and most of those guys would be leaving a good situation to come here. So to offer the really enormous bucks you would need a combination of a really good coach with some level of dissatisfaction with his current job. The two guys who readily fit that description have already moved-Fisher and Mullens.

If you don’t have real dissatisfaction by a top-tier coach, we would likely be getting used for leverage again, ala Gus.

There are two different salaries listed for Saban, low ball figure 8.4 million, high figure 11.4 million.

I do agree with you, “that” money should be on the table for any coaching staff (not just HC). The Gus offer was 7.1 million a year and money to attract top notch assistants. I said last night that in my opinion Morris, Venables, and Elliot (Co-OC at Clemson) could be hired for the amount we offered just Gus. The rest of that money (to attract top notch assistants) could go to the other members of the coaching staff and would make it harder to poach guys, unless it was for a promotion. If our big money boosters only were willing to put money on Gus, then they don’t care about AR athletics, they just care about having power over the program.