Is there anyway this goes into next week?

I would assume that when we get a new coach some of the players may decide to transfer. Say we lose 2-3, we are going to be behind the 8 ball trying to find some kids that can contribute.

If this hiring search goes into next week I would think its slim picking on finding anyone that can actually play at this level.

Here’s to hoping that it ends today.

If it does, we’re in trouble.

^^^^What GeneralHog said^^^^


I doubt that it matters. Players don’t transfer mid semester because they would lose a semester of credit.

We are pretty much behind the 8 ball anyway. Anybody that MA and staff were onto and had very good chance of landing (HS & JuCo) are on hold while other programs step up their recruiting of them.
If it goes into next week the new coach better have some sleepers tagged from the JuCo ranks and be able to pull good recruits over here with him.
Transfers will only enhance the odds against us.
Time is not on our side.

Or he better have a very Big name

The only way it does, in my opinion, is if the target is one of the final 4 coaches. IF (and I really don’t think it is) that is the case, you better have a real good shot at getting them if you are going to wait. Waiting, then getting turned down, is a really bad situation. First, other candidates are now gone, second, recruiting.

Didn’t I read somewhere that HY met with the team after CMA was fired and told them we would have a coach within 3 weeks? If so, that takes us through the end of the final 4.

Exactly. Barring a big name, like a Sampson or Beard. I’m not optimistic about next year.

I think Sampson has the best chance to retain what we have, Nolan has given his approval, and his style of play is probably the closets to CMA of the bunch of coaches that has been mentioned, uptempo style, it allows players freedom on offense, a lot of 3 point attempts, something similar to what CMA allowed.

Anything is is going to be a pretty big change for the players and I would expect a few unexpected transfers. And it’s starting to get too late to get any huge difference makers for next year.

I will say this, if he is waiting until the end of the FF, because he’s targeting one of those guys, he better have a lot more money than is rumored. They won’t come cheap. And if it’s Beard and he somehow makes the NC game or wins, his price tag is gonna be really, really high

I think that the Nolan endorsement means a lot more than most think. Also I have a feeling that Mike will encourage the players to not leave the program. Mike will be all Hogs until his dying day. He is that kind of man.

One caveat is that if he takes another job soon. He wouldn’t mind sone of the guys going with him.

If we are offering Bruce Pearl it could.

Anyone that beats Kansas, North Carolina, and KY to get to Final 4 is fielding a lot of calls. I hope we are one.

He is clearly the man among boys out there.

Oh without a doubt it does.

I think if it’s not Sampson it’s going to be a big disappointment to a lot of fans. You don’t fire Mike Anderson, to bring in an up and comer or a guy that just been winning in the small conferences and hasn’t done anything else in his career. SEC is tough now, it’s going to take a pretty good coach to come in and have success. And whoever comes in is going to have to have success pretty quick, We’ve been to the tournament 3 of the past 5 years, if someone comes in and they aren’t in the tournament by year 2, it could get ugly, the reason some wanted CMA gone is because they are impatient and want success quickly. CMA put this program on stable footing whether some people want to admit that or not, this is not a rebuild job. There’s enough talent left on this roster to be successful with a couple more key pieces added.

If it goes into next week, I think that would be a positive, not a negative.

Because it will simply mean that someone is still coaching.

That being said, I think the odds are it ends before the Final Four starts.

This staff is pro-Arkansas, not anti-Arkansas even with the firing.

They will/have encouraged the players to wait it out.

Glad to see you confirmed my opinion of how the staff is handling this. There is not a team with more integrity than Mike, Melvin, TJ, Scotty and Z. I hope the new guy keeps Few of them. I hope down the road we don’t miss them for the integrity.