Is there anything more ridiculous right now

Than a professional athlete holding out because of a contract dispute? Good luck with that Joe.

Dak Prescott with Dallas has been offered, what, $30 mil per year and has not signed. If this virus deal damages the NFL permanently, he may look back and regret not signing. This virus, even though the effects may not be much more severe than the flu long term, may have changed professional and college sports, and not for the better.

It may not matter, but if I were Dak Prescott, I am not sure I would gamble. You can’t piss off $30 million a year. Why wait? You wait for $40 million and it never comes. It might, but it could be a lot less.

There is a real possibility that pro sports salaries will have to be reset if the leagues are to survive.

How about the salaries of college coaches and the massive size of the staffs? Lots of waste there.

I’m referring, of course, to football and basketball, not the spring sports.

Yeah we could be rolling things back a couple of decades in a lot of areas. Big stadium over the hill rock and pop stars with super pricey tickets are going to be a thing of the past too.

Dak isn’t even that good. But he’s a known commodity I guess. Maybe he will be better under McCarthy. But I’ve never thought he could lead the Cowboys to a Super Bowl title.

In my view, Prescott is an above-average quarterback, but not an elite one. He has a lot of talent around him, so he has had that advantage his entire NFL career.

I would not be shocked if he came to an agreement with the Cowboys and soon. It just doesn’t make a lot of sense to gamble on the Cowboys paying him more, when they are probably offering him an inflated or over-valued contract already. It takes a lot of guts or stupidity, I am not sure which one, to turn down $30 million or so per year in this sports environment. Of course, the Cowboys may now be the party stalling.

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