Is there any way to bring back slobber Hog?

Asking for a friend.,.

Well, the demise of Slobber Hog coincided with the revision of all Hog logos under Jeff Long and the desire to stick with those official logos in all cases. Slobber Hog was never an official university logo; it was something that some UA Physical Plant employee with an artistic bent basically freehanded on the floor in Barnhill in the 70s.

Theoretically, now that Long is gone, the Yurachek administration might be more receptive to something other than a strictly official logo at midcourt. Although I suspect an email to the athletic offices requesting the return of Slobber Hog would be greeted with a blank stare, as in “what the heck is this guy talking about?”

My thought the other day was not about the return of SH, but about when something is going to be named for Nolan. Some want the BWA court, some want the basketball practice center. Since 40 Minutes of Hell initially referred to the team’s practice regimen, not our pressing defense in games, I believe the practice center would be especially appropriate, but I’d be OK with either (or even both).

I think they should put up the statue of Nolan in front of BWA that Nolan wanted but was denied by Whire and Broyles. Many out of staters are surprised we don’t have Nolan’s statue for wining the national championship, something that may not happen again.

Good idea, Jeff. Naming the practice center after Nolan would make great sense for the reason you give.

Of course naming the court after him would be something that would have more national recognition because it would be seen each time we play a game.

Whatever is done needs to be done quickly while Nolan can still enjoy it.

Could we get Nolan to endorse the Slobber Hog?

I care deeply about that big, nasty, slobbery, porcine.

I would like to see it done quickly so Rose can enjoy it.

Personally, I like “slobber hog”. But I doubt we see it on any playing surface going forward. Especially with this new group - they seem to favor a younger, more progressive minded approach. And I understand why that is desirable. I just don’t see any reason for them to embrace something that probably makes little sense to someone over 40 (at least) that grew up with that version of the image.

I would like to see them put it on T-shirts, etc. As well as one of my favorites, the “hog through the A” that Nolan’s Hogs used to sport on their shorts during their glory years. I never understood why they went away from that one.

We disagree on this one, Dave. Always hated the Hog through the A, almost as much as I loathe Popcorn Hog. I just don’t think it’s a good look. I like Front Facing Hog more than I like HTTA, and I don’t like FFH at all.

Blows my mind that anyone could prefer front facing hog (which I wish would be permanently deleted from our “roster” of images, to anything. Popcorn Hog is right next to it on my “delete” list.

Hog through the A is (a) uniquely ours (doesn’t look like anything else); and (b) a utilization o an image very much akin to our most traditional running Hog logo. To each their own - so I get that SOME folks may not like it . . . but to say you prefer those other two images is heresy.

I didn’t say I like either one. I don’t. I loathe Popcorn Hog and I loathe FFH. But I don’t loathe FFH quite as much as I loathe HTTA. Only if held at gunpoint and told I HAD to pick either FFH or HTTA, I would hold my nose and go with FFH. Given the same either-or choice, I would pick HTTA over Popcorn Hog.

I was one of the guys that’s thought the Practice Facility, and not the Court (I used to say Eddie on the court, but he already has one). Now, I’m pretty positive they both need Nolan’s name, I also think he should have a statue outside BWA. Much like Frank at DWRRS and McDonnell at the Track And Field complex.

And I agree with you about the slobber hog, I’d expect a HUH? Until they (AD’s office) get more familiar with AR

Statue works too. Hopefully there will be one of DVH outside Baum someday too.

Speaking of college baseball, it should be noted that Hunter Yurachek’s previous AD gig at Coastal Carolina led to a CWS title; he added an indoor baseball facility followed by a brand new baseball stadium, and CCU won the CWS in their second year in the new ballpark.

I’m not a baseball guy, so do we have an indoor facility and is there a plan for a new stadium or just renovating Baum? Or maybe an indoor stadium, so they don’t get rained out?

Indoor stadium ain’t happening. That would make the North End Zone look like a bargain.

As for our indoor facility:

Baum was set for new suites in left and right field and an extension of the concourse all the way around under the Long facilities plan. We’ll see what HY does with this.

Disgusting hog logos:

  • Front facing hog
  • Popcorn hog
  • Dog bone Hog

Agree with all of the above.

Bring it back … bering-hog

What Marty said.

Little Hock, are you Gashog or are you asking for him? He called our demise after taking the Slobber Hog off mid-Court The Curse of the Slobber Hog. I think he was right. Bring it back!