Is there any progress

On all these ads appearing in the middle of a post. It went from a nuisance to now a very frustrating matter. I go to this board and look at the posts and it’s ad after ad. Then I open the post and more ads. If I enlarge the post it goes away, but bring screen back to normal size and voila, it’s back. I phone using safari.

I’m seeing Venus Swimwear ads. Not complaining.

I have a message in asking about this.

Mine quit showing up. I have iPhone 8 Plus and the IPad Pro. I got some ad blocker and I am guessing it works. Adblock plus.

Not mine

If you wish to browse ad-free, disable “allow some nonintrusive ads” under Acceptable Ads in the free app Adblock Plus. By default, “nonintrusive ads” is enabled when you download Adblock Plus.

iPhone 7 user. I’ve seen no ads for the past year using this app

I didn’t get very many ads when opening the site thru Google, but last week I had problems opening the premium boards there. So I started going thru Safari and can view all of the boards but bam the Ads you speak of are very annoying.
In fact there is one here now right below where I’m typing.
IPhone 6s

This should be corrected.

Yep seems to be corrected