is there any high school championship games on TV

anywhere this year? I know in years past we have seen some States championship games broadcast on channels on Direct or Dish that I never watch. I have Direct TV myself, so if anybody knows anything give us time and channels numbers for either Direct or Dish.

Fox Sports Southwest (same channel that carries Rangers games) is carrying Texas state championship games from JerryWorld today and tomorrow, three games each day.

Thanks Jeff for the info. I found an article on line since I posted this and found that the 3 games today Friday start times are NOON; 4PM and 8PM. Same times again on Saturday. Per the Ft Worth paper Jerry Jones grandson is the QB for one of teams that play at Noon on Saturday. The game I am interested in the most since it deals with a team close to where is live is Carthage VS Abilene today at 4PM. I live within 35 miles of Carthage, so this afternoon I am pulling for them. The games today are 4A and 5A and the games tomorrow are 5A and 6A. 676 is channel for Direct TV. I have no idea with it is on Dish Network.

for Carthage, Keaontay Ingram, could play in the SEC? It’s high school but Wylie had some really big and quick defensive players. Ingram certainly had his way with them.

Ingram was consistently either moving the pile up the middle, outrunning them outside or making some really nifty moves inside to gain about 180 yards for the game.

I checked 247 Sports and he only has one major college offer, that from TCU. They list him at 5’11" and 190 pounds. Looked bigger than that.

I liked that RB for Carthage, but the next game that came on after their had some real good players on it. I had to switch from channel 676 to 676-1 for some unknown reason to get it. They had a number 99 playing defense tackle on the team whose uniforms were all black in color, anyway he was a big boy a lot bigger than the others and he was making a lot of tackles. I got sleepy and when to be about half time. I dont know his name but the team was something like Aleito or something close to that spelling. They were ranked # 1 in the State in 5A ball I think, like 15-0 record. There is 3 games on today starting at noon. One will be 5A and two 6A teams. Who knows if you have to tune in to 676 one time, then switch over to 676-1 for the next one on Direct TV. Fuzz