Is there ANY doubt we’re a top 8 seed?

These TV announcers were acting like there was some question about it a couple of innings back. Even now they’re saying, “Hunter Wilson might have just swung Arkansas into a national seed”. Well, duh. Absent something incredibly bad happening in the next 3 outs, we’re 2-2 with UF so far this season. At worst we will finish this tournament 2-1

I thought that storyline was really pretty silly based on Georgia going 0-fer in the tournament and our beating South Carolina in the first game.

probably never was but yeah for sure we cemented that !

There was still the narrative that we can’t win outside Baum, yadda yadda. Beating the Poultry and the Wallets took care of that.

None, as I have said for about three weeks now.

There was never any doubt that the Arkansas Razorbacks were going to get a regional and a super regional at Baum. It is done. Go Hogs Go!!!

There was plenty on this board but you’re right we were always in pretty decent shape. The road record just gave them a justification if our RPI slipped too much (which was doubtful given the opponents we had left.

One of the Twitter guys that dabbles in basketball recruiting (or one of his similar buddies I can’t remember) was complaining after the UGA loss about the road record being embarrassing.

We should have won more on the road but your article on the subject summed it up well. We played undoubtedly (by far) the toughest conference road record in America and I am confident in saying that without looking it up.

It would be almost impossible to have a tougher road schedule.

This week just confirms what should have already been known by people following this team. We have a really good team with a chance to do big things.

. . . and I’ve been right there with you. Once we won the first game at Georgia, I’ve felt we were a lock.

Still . . . losing the last two at Georgia, with the oft-repeated mantra about us not being able to win away from home (even though 90% don’t look beyond that stat to see who were playing on the road, or how close the games we lost were), I didn’t want to go 0-2 in Hoover while, say, Georgia won a couple of games, and if Texas had won the Big 12 Tournament. At that point, you’re putting your faith in a group of people that never seem to do us any favors.

Beating S. Carolina Wednesday was the final, no-doubter that we would host as long as we keep winning, until we end up on Omaha. Today was just a little icing.

I wouldn’t mind some more icing - and, some hardware (SEC Tournament Champion trophy) to go along with it. It’s time, and this team is certainly worth of it.

The ultimate goal, of course, is the CWS trophy, and this team is worth of that as well. But we’ve played well in the SEC Tournament before, but never come back with the hardware.

This year, I want it.