Is there any chance at all of flipping Ware?


There’s a rumor, but it’s a plan E, and we need A,B,C, & D to happen first

Don’t see that happening.

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OK, queue up the comments about how can I be a sports fan/Hog fan and not know, but who is Ware and what sport?

Basketball. 7-footer from NLR, currently committed to Nike U.

We’ll be arite, Muss 2022 recruiting class ranked 3rd in the nation and 1st in the SEC (ahead of Kentucky) according to 247. :sunglasses:

Yep, and should get even better

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Love when baked throws stuff like this out!!!

:thinking: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Nothing meant by this one, sorry no underlying statement

Don’t see that being a possibility.

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Muss doesn’t seem like a time waster. If you’re being recruited by Muss, and you commit elsewhere, he’s basically done with you and moves on. I imagine Muss thinks that trying to flip a former recruit is a terrible utilization of time and resources.

Unless Ware is having second thoughts and has reached out to the Arkansas coaching staff; I don’t see this happening.

Or maybe there is?

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Rumors out there that Ware didn’t leave things open in relationship with Arkansas Basketball. Apparently he wasn’t respectful in the end….bridge burned. Just rumors, but if true, let him go

No love loss between Derrian Ford and Ware. You won’t see them on the same team.

Just curious, how do you know this?

Been a rumor for quite awhile, also said there was an issue between Ford and Smith, but they’re both Hogs

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If that rumor is true, I would say they have done a tremendous job hiding it in the past three years I have been around them.

Sounds more to me like somebody making an excuse because Arkansas didn’t land Ware and thought they weren’t going to land Smith.

I believe that. One of the reasons I wasn’t sure about Smith, until he committed. Then I asked one of your compatriots and they said the same thing you did.

Sounds about par for the course Dudley!