Is there any basketball news at all?

Been to different rivals sites of our SEC brethren. Most have articles and updates on how practice is going, player reviews, etc.

We get nothing from our basketball program. Not blaming insiders or writers at all. If mike Anderson we’re taking a marketing class I would flunk him. This happens every year. No wonder our attendance is pitiful for our early basketball games.

The SEC’s basketball media days are next week in Birmingham. We will send a reporter there to talk to Mike Anderson and Mike Neighbors. Outside of that, I don’t think there will be any other media opportunities prior to the Red-White game on Oct. 19. I doubt there are any open practices prior to that.

Maybe our new athletic director will light a fire when he sees all the empty seats.

I don’t understand the reasoning behind all the closed practices (hoops and football).

I remember Wally Hall crying about HDN closing one week of practice late one season. My, how things have changed.

The baseball program is highly successful. As far as I know, every practice is open.

You really think people stay home in November and December because MA closes practices and not because we’re playing a series of cupcakes? Blame MA for that, and blame the AD for requiring 18-20 BWA dates a year which mandates rent-a-wins. Whether Mike opens practice has zero to do with my decision to attend or not, I know that

In football they don’t want someone tweeting out video of the triple reverse fleaflicker we’re going to spring on Ole Miss Saturday night. I completely understand that in football especially in the age of social media. Basketball is less defensible. I doubt Mike is cooking up any junk defenses to throw at Kentucky. Baseball has minimal security concerns as well. But coaches tend to be control freaks. If they can control something they will, even if there’s no good reason to do so.

I really don’t blame him to temper the expectations a little, he’s trying to get a young squad up to speed quick. Most of the time when we see a video of an alley-oop or slam dunk by Gafford or a 3 by Isaiah Joe, we’re ready to predict a top 25 ranking. I think this team is going to have a lot of fight in them and be decent, but it’s gonna take time.

Did you not bring this up last year as well? They have been consistent with this every year.

yes i brought it up last year as well. and the year before, and before, and before. consistent, yes, because i am interested and excited about razorback basketball…

the reasoning I’ve heard this year is this is a young team and he needs complete concentration in practice, etc

last year we had a veteran team and same things.

and i don’t care if they have rent a win, or play the top 5 teams in a row early on. my complaint is there is no marketing, no excitement, no news etc. even though football practices are closed, reporters get the first 20 minutes, we get coaches interviews, player interviews, tons of information. just look at this board, nothing, seems to be little interest.
i guess the reason i ask, complain, is that i am interested. that is all.

and in my opinion, this is a factor in lackluster attendance early on.

Closed Practice= I’m trying to work here. I need my players and coaches full attention.

I would like more information as well. I am with you on that. And respect your opinion.

Now, there have been player interviews of most players posted on other sites. I have seen them. Also, there seems to be some news on practices on other sites. But definitely not as much as football.

However, you can’t compare basketball to football coverage. There are more reporters covering football and more focus on practices on radio/TV etc. Reporters demand more of football coaches than basketball coaches at this University and most other schools. I bet if there is more fan demand than just you, me and few others, you will get coaches to do more interviews and provide more information throughout the pre-season.

I understand that if basketball staff does more marketing and self promotion. like a Calipari, attendance could increase. But that is not in the MO of this staff. They like to play low key. Everybody is different.

As far as this site, I don’t think there is anyone dedicated to basketball (not talking recruiting here) like on one other site. So, until football season is over, the coverage is not as vast as it is after the football season is over. Just my honest opinion. This site has the best staff of all sites, no doubt. But they can only do so much in a working day.

So bottom line, even though I would like more information, it is what it is and I am happy with it.

Well, there was this report on the Razorback website posted yesterday… … n-9-to-go/

I have written a Jalen Harris feature for the magazine and plan to run it early next week. My hope is you will know more about him as a player and a father after reading it. His son turned 1 in May, and he loves talking about him.

Blake Sutton, our videographer, and I have been working out and planning a weekly basketball podcast during the season. We will probably begin that next week ahead of the Red-White game should there be a media availability. I’m eager to get that going. I haven’t podcasted since I did one covering the NWA high school beat.

My favorite sport to cover is basketball, and I will do everything I can do bring you guys good coverage of this year’s team using the analytics sites I’m subscribed to, plus what I see with my eyes. Aside from that, I want you to get to know these players, too. That’s why I sat down with Jalen for a half hour a few weeks back and talked to Reggie Chaney and his father recently. I’m excited for basketball to get here already.

What sites? Would love to read some hoops news. Thx in advance

I understand your thirst for news, but I just don’t think it’s that big a deal.

When things get going with the Red-White game, we’ll have a lot of stuff as we always have.

I’ve been doing this for over 30 years and I don’t really remember ever doing much in the first couple of weeks.

That covers Coach Sutton, Coach Richardson, Coach Heath, Coach Pelphrey and Coach Anderson.

Dudley, putting no blame on writers anywhere at all. It the marketing by the basketball program. Basketball isn’t like football. No secret or trick plays, formations, etc. everyone including other coaching staffs know what we’re going to run and how we run it. Why not let reporters attend practice with certain stipulations of course and get some news and excitement flowing. Other coaches do it.

Lack of information hasn’t affected my enthusiasm at all. I will be there for the Red-White game, spend the night, go to the Tulsa football game on Saturday, and then drive back to NLR . Rinse and repeat for me the next week-end for the first Exhibition game and the Vandy football game. I love this time of year, when I get to attend a week-end double header of basketball and football.

My only disappointment is that the TX basketball game on Friday night, 11/9 is in El Paso, TX and not in BWA. That could have been the 3rd Fri-Sat basketball/football (TX-LSU) game double header in Fayetteville.

I don’t think it has really been pushed so I am not ready to put the blame on the head coach.

I’m fine with the access I have.

As I said, started next week there will be more.

Re: Marketing of the basketball program… Razorback Basketball is reasonably active on Twitter and Instagram. They’ve done several “slick” videos featuring some of the players. This doesn’t provide any real substance, just some eye candy for basketball enthusiasts. It does provide some quick views of some of the new players in action.

Sorry, it is not proper for me to mention other sites. Trust me, other than this, we have the best site. And any information that the HI staff posts here, you can take it to the bank. Not always true with the other site.