Is there an update on Mitchell

He went to the locker room and came back but I think Muss said he would have an X-ray today!
We sure don’t need him missing games.

No doubt, we can’t afford to lose anyone else this season.
We may get to 20-11 or 21-10 if we don’t lose anyone else and NSJ is able to come back next month and can truly contribute.
If we can get to .500 conference record, not get blown out by Baylor and not get beat in our 1st game in the SEC Tournament we should get into the NCAA Tournament as somewhere between a 7-10 seed.
But, if those things don’t go our way our Hogs will be NIT bound at best.
Hope they find the path to the better of those two scenarios.

Sprain. Out a week or so.

Which one# 15 or 22?

How do you know this?

#22. my nephew saw it on another board

Just wait and watch. We are not going to the NIT. Baylor will beat Kansas, and we will beat them after we beat LSU. It is time for our run.


Their Mom tweeted it.

I hope that you are correct, but we haven’t been able to win a true road game away from home this season (Maui we’re neutral court games).
Losses to LSU, Vanderbilt and Missouri.
So, you are correct that it is time to start a winning streak if this season is going to be deemed as a success considering that we still have to go to Baylor, Tennessee, Texas A$M, Alabama, South Carolina and Kentucky.
We will also host Texas A&M, Florida, Georgia, Miss ST and Kentucky.
It appears to me that we will be favored in 4 or 5 of our remaining games.
We will have to play much better the rest of the way to get to 20 wins.

Man, that sucks. We sure could use some good news.

Twenty wins will be difficult. Let’s hope Nick can help in making that happen.

I actually interpreted it as good news. Sprained ankle, maybe miss one or two games. Could have been a lot worse. And it’s Makhel, not Makhi.

True, and I forgot it was Mahkel.

Well we sure didn’t need either one of the twins to miss any games but I’m proud it is a real bad injury. Both of those guys provide inside presence.

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His mom’s Twitter page is for followers only, but I’ve been told she took down that post. The official injury report for Makhel is “day to day.”

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