Is there an easy way to change your board name?

I was BluegrassRazorback for years

I think I need to change back

Boarbian is an Attitude I hope the Razorbacks will own as they raid and burn the SEC down - break up the old order

But BluegrassRaxorback is who I am


Matt TYSM!

How can I ever repay you ?

Tell you what - If you’re ever in Louisville

I have some Woodford Reserve Double Barrel (that’s double oak that’s been. Done twice more -
“It’s like a peacan pie exploding in the mouth” - it’s great bourbon

Or - Maybe you would prefer some Kentuckyboy clear / smoothest corn whisky I’ve ever had in my life - makes you all warm inside - removes nail polish too -

It’s smooth but taken slowly

I am glad Bluegrass is back—thanks for the change-back

TYSM - it’s good to be back

I’ve been going through some Medical care

Much stronger now but going to pace myself and take better care of myself
Lost 50lbs doing much better

I second this!!

welcome back!always liked the bluegrass name!

I always liked the “Bluegrass”, but we’ve all known who you are. :slight_smile:

Bluegrass is da man! Boarbarian just doesn’t have the pizazz of Bluegrass!