Is there a weak team and a gimme game in SEC?

I don’t see any.

There seems to be a Top 3 of Kentucky, Auburn and LSU. All other teams seem to be about equal at this point of the season.

This season there are no really good SEC teams. Just two or three “good teams” and a bunch of mediocre to bad teams. There’s few gimmes because most are equally mediocre.

Missouri at home, maybe. At Georgia, maybe. Vandy, definitely, but we already drilled them.

Missouri is playing awfully well now. They keep saying that they will soon get back Mark Smith and Tilmon. They will become enough tougher. We haven’t won at BWA for a while, so I am not sure they will be a gimme.

Georgia is very talented. Just haven’t figured out how to win games. They seem to win the first half against all and then lose the second half. Tyoicallybwhatvhaooensctp young talented inexperienced team.

Vandy is also playing well now.

I think we were fortunate to have played Vandy, Ole Miss and Aggies when we did. They all have come around.

Won’t be any easy for us.every game will be a battle…

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Without Joe any team in the SEC can beat the hogs! There’s no easy wins.
The SEC better take notice. Enjoy this now because with depth CEM won’t be losing these close games!

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