Is there a way to label a link in a post?

On the former board, there was an icon above the posting window that allowed us to select some of the text we wished to use as a label for a link. I don’t see that here. Am I just missing it, or do we just have to post the “raw” URL here to post a link?

Yes you can do that, but you must do the code yourself: Creating links

I did this by:

  • Clicking on the [u]URL[/u] link above the compose post box.
  • Backspacing one character to delete the "]"
  • Inserting an equal sign
  • Pasting the URL
  • Typing a "]"
  • Typing the text to be used for the link.

Let me try . . .

ESPN - What We Learned from SEC Media Days

And there you go.