Is there a true point guard on the way......................

…someone who can defend the elite point guards in the SEC, run the offense, drive, score, dish, and assist? Someone who, when time runs down, can consistently make a play, score, get fouled, or draw the defense to him and dish to a wide open man? This team badly needs one and there is, obviously, not one on campus yet.

My answer would be not of the three 2017 prospects that have been signed so far, but Khalil Garland envisions himself as one

What florida PG was guarding Barford and Hannahs last night when they each threw up 17/18 points? Which PG had more assists than Barford? What guards for florida out performed our guards statistically across the board?

Barford is a scorer not a point guard. Scoring is good. Scoring, assisting, running the offense, (making everyone else better) and playing great defense on THEIR point guard is better. We don’t have better.

What guard do we have that can break down the defense like Allen, Hill, and Chiozza can? I love Barford, love his mentality…he’s a true scorer. But he had to get up 18 shots last night to get those 18pts. And as a team we had 7 assists, the same number as the three aforementioned UF guards.

Corey Beck was the starting PG on the national title team…can you name the backup???

My point being elite PG’s (not SG or CG) are as plentiful as 6’11 - 7’0 Offensive lay skilled Center’s coming straight out of H.S.

The majority have to be developed at the D-1 level. Justin is probably the best PG instate but he’s also a 2019 recruit. Until we become familiar resident of the AP top signing “That Guy” from a Dallas or Memphis who has 20 other power 5 D-1 options.

Here is our problem. We have no point guard. The worst seasons in the last 14 years had point guards with better assists per game than ours. Lee Mayberry, Corey Beck, Kareem Reid, set a high bar for point guard play at Arkansas, but all the other teams including Pelphrey’s got better play at that position than we do. You can say we have shooting guards thatt are averaging 2 assists per game, but those teams had lots of shooting guards and small forwards that had lots more assists as well. Our point guard play has sunk to a 14 year low and there is no help for this on the near horizon. That is a big problem. See our past point guards and their assists per game below:

1992 - Lee Mayberry (6.9)
1993 -Corey Beck (3.6)
1994 - Corey Beck (5.0)
1995 - Corey Beck (5.3)
1996 - Kareem Reid (6.6)
1997 - Kareem Reid (5.7)
1998 - Kareem Reid (5.2)
1999 - Kareem Reid (5.3)
2000 - T.J. Cleveland (2.9)
2001 - T.J. Cleveland (2.7)
2002 - Janero Pargo (3.3)
2003 - Eric Ferguson (3.0)
2004 - Eric Ferguson (2.8)
2005 - Eric Ferguson (4.3)
2006 - Dontell Jefferson (4.4)
2007 - Gary Ervin (4.8)
2008 - Gary Ervin (3.8)
2009 - Courtney Fortson (5.9)
2010 - Courtney Fortson (5.7)
2011 - Julysses Nobles (3.0)
2012 - Julysses Nobles (3.1)
2013 - B.J. Young (3.4)
2014 - Rashad Madden (2.8)
2015 - Rashad Madden (4.6)
2016 - Jabril Durham (6.4)
2017 - Anton Beard (2.0)

Having a facilitating point guard would help, but when the Hogs struggle as they did last night and against Mizzo, Vandy, and Miss. St, it was more because the team as a whole tried to do everything one on one rather than pass and move. It is easy to defend when on the offensive end players attempt to create on their own. when that happens two defensive players are able to defend because the offensive player doesn’t pass and create movement and mismatches.

From my memory, if Corey was sitting then Clint McDaniel was running the point. Clint was a lock down guard that could put up points when he needed to and make assists. I think if Clint was running the point, then Dillard and Scotty were in the game. Or possibly Dillard and Rimac. My memory can be sometimes suspect but when you had Corey and Clint on the floor at the same time you had some real defense, Scotty would be providing some punch at the other guard position, then Dwight could always slip out and knock down some 3s, with Corliss at down on the post.

Don’t you mean JUSTICE?

It seems to me that, when you have a point guard that is dishing out assists at a high rate, the rest of the team follows suit. Trey Thompson is our best passer and, as he plays more minutes and gets some spectacular assists, the other player try to match him. Many great offensive players like Ronny Brewer and Corliss Williamson had good assist numbers because they commanded double teams which left people open for easy baskets. At some point, Barford’s assists should go up as he draws quicker double teams trying to head off his drives.

Arkansas had a true point guard last season and went 16-16.

They are 22-8 now.

Obviously talent has improved as they are better this year than last.

But they are making due with lead guards and not true point guards.

That may be the case next year as well although I know they are checking out some for the April 12-May 16 late signing period.

I have a hard time seeing that guy - if they find one - starting over those already on the team, but he certainly would be helpful off the bench

Neither does anyone else. They are all in the NBA!

we will see a good point guard in our next game. Florida had a couple we could use. Pretty much every Razorback team in the past 14 years had better than we do now. “Neither does anyone else” is just a fantasy.

I certainly get what you are saying, but again - they are 22-8, 11-6 and in fourth place - a notch ahead of where they were picked.

So something is going right.

Just be happy for the improvement from last year and in the incoming class! We are going to the NCAA tournament !
I would like to see a point guard also just imagine how much easier it would be for our guns to get open shot. If MA finds one to come in this class or not we are improving and it won’t be long until the true point guards start coming in !
We have a lot to be proud of with our hogs.
Try to show it!

I’d really like to see the team assists per game by year matched with this. I think we just play a different style where we don’t have one guy dishing it. The idea is to get assists regardless by whom. Can you find us the team numbers

Assists per game is a bit misleading. You can have better point guard play yet fewer assists, just because you’re not putting the ball in the basket quite as often. Percentage of assists on made baskets is probably a better indicator.

In, 1992, for instance, with Mayberry at the point (Nolan often had to beg him to shoot) and Big O passing out of the post, we had an assist percentage of .595. In 94-95, with Beck and McDaniel, it was .595 and .590. Reid’s best percentage year was '99 at .574.

Wanna guess what PG gave us our best assist percentage of the last 25 seasons? I bet you can’t.

It was Gary Irvin. In '07 our assist percentage was .603.

Fortson had a higher assist average than many of the others but the '09 team is the only one I see with an assist percentage below .500.

Last year with Durham it was a very respectable .589. The year before, with Ky, even better, .592. This year? Only .523.

One of the things we have this year that we have missed in the past is players who can create their own shot. Our best three scoring guards; Hannahs, Barford, and Macon, all have better ability to drive and create their own shot. I suspect this is one of the reasons this team has a poor assist ratio while having one of the best records we’ve had over the past 20 years.

Late in the clock, when their defender gets help early, they have not been effective in getting off a pass to the open man. We are missing someone who can break down the defense to score AND get the assist when the defense over compensates to stop them. That is a missing link on this team and it is not missing at Georgia, at Florida, at Kentucky, at South Carolina, etc.

I don’t think anyone is arguing with you that Arkansas does not have a true point guard.