Is there a start date set for basketball?

Or is it in limbo pending further corona virus continuing data?

The Division I Council is supposed to be voting on that today. First game dates are expected to be somewhere in the Nov. 21 to 25 range, with practice starting six weeks before that. I can still remember when the first basketball game was the first Saturday in December.

Here’s a look at the issues:

It appears that one thing they will probably do is reduce the length of the season. No 31-game regular season this time.

Thanks. I just hope they don’t cut off all the OOC games, including the early tournament games.

I think the Vegas tournament is on life support and they’re about to pull the plug.

Yeah, you are probably right. Those start dates would mean we would open with the Vegas tournament. I haven’t watched any of the Hockey post-season. Do you know if they had any fans in the arena in Vegas (if they even had games there)?

They didn’t. Hockey playoffs are in two bubbles in Toronto and Edmonton. Vegas was playing in the Edmonton bubble; they were eliminated by Dallas Monday night in the Western Conference final.

Starts 25 November. Interesting to see how Vegas adjusts.

So, you think they might reschedule the Las Vegas Tourney rather than cancel?

Depends on a lot of things. If they cut the season back to 25 games, that doesn’t leave much room for NC games at all, much less tournaments. And is Vegas going to do a tournament if people can’t attend?

I’m not seeing anything at the NCAA website that they did settle on a Nov. 25 start. The D1 Council meeting started at noon Central. However, Mike Anderson’s old buddy Jeff Goodman tweeted that it’s a done deal.

Vegas has had Thanksgiving week end tournaments before. I attended one in Vegas a few years back that the Hogs were in. The 25th is the day before Thanksgiving, so it might be an easy adjustment for them. That would probably double the cost of my plane tickets though. I’m sure they wouldn’t do an even swap for Thanksgiving travel prices.

Or, the NCAA has approved pre-season tournaments before. Maybe they would let it be a pre-season tourney and start it as it is now scheduled for the 20th and 22nd.

However, if Nevada is not allowing attendance in Nov., it won’t matter. The ticket plan for attendance was 25% capacity.

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It will be interesting. I had hoped to be able to cover it, but at least would like to watch it.

The limit is 24 or 25 games plus one multiple-team event, so Vegas wouldn’t be ruled out. Bubbles and controlled environments are under consideration for several tournaments, according to NCAA hoops VP Dan Gavitt. They recommended a minimum of four NC games,

I would just love to go to vegas and watch our hogs. really hope this tourney happens. I am totally committed to family thanksgiving (in our top 3 largest family gatherings), but if this is delayed it would be possible that I could take the 5 of us.


Check that plane ticket. All the tickets I have bought have been completely available for change or a voucher for a latter date. United just announced the other day that they were making that a standard going forward. No more change fees.

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