Is there a reason?

Maleek Williams didn’t play? Injury, doghouse, redshirt? My guess is redshirt, since they played Connor McPherson and not him.

Pretty sure he is going to redshirt. With Hammonds he is running 5th team and CBB mentioned a couple days ago that he would be going back to Jamaica soon for his Grandfather’s funeral.

Bret said last week that they would make a decision this week whether or not to redshirt him. It looks like that will happen unless there is an injury or two in front of him.

Unless some one gets hurt I agree he redshirts. D. Williams looked fine for the third RB spot, Hayden is going to play a bunch, and they basically put Whaley back in their pocket for the second half. Assuming Hammonds gets the other change of pace carries, that’s four good RBs.

It is to M. Williams benefit to redshirt under these circumstances. In 18 Whaley will be a junior, meaning there is no reason to expect he won’t do like all other good RBs and come out after his junior season. D. Williams will be gone, so the third RB spot is open with a chance to get a significant number of carries and be the hammer part of the combo in 19.