Is there a point to the press

Why? Tell me. All I see is easy baskets on the other end.

I like this question.
Agreed it did help at Vandy.

I have not missed a game on TV or being at the game.

I understand the concept but most all of the teams we have played the Press did’t faze one bit. The point is to wear down the opponent. But with the rules as they are today it seems that it wears down our kids just as much as it does the team we are playing.

Maybe somebody has some stats that can point out exactly what the TO rate is and points converted by those TO’s. I have tried to ask this question before but it was never answered.

What is our TO rate VS all opponents? What is the TO rate turned into point by both teams. Then what about Rebounds? I played basketball in the early 70’s for Ft Smith Northside. WE were never out rebounded. This statement could be for another thread. Blocking out can be taught. But if not taught then any player will not develop the knack, or instinct will not just take over.

Anyone care to give some replies?

I’d like to hear from someone about this as well.

You mentioned the “rules as they are today.” It sure seems that we get called for touchy fouls more than most other teams. As such, two things should be emphasized by our staff:
#1. How to guard in the open floor without the touch fouls.
#2. More importantly, how to use that to our advantage on offense. For example, we should take every opportunity to initiate contact when guarded tightly. Then overreact when contact is made. Macon is the only one that does this to any extent that I have seen. But even he needs to do it more often, as it seems most every other team in the league does.

Our coach is probably too bad of a coach to know how to teach things that people on a message board know. He is just in over his head. I bet at practice he rolls the ball out and tells em to go score and run around like crazy … eam/931/p4
Arkansas forces 13.35 turnovers per game. That is tied with Texas at 188th in the country. … eam/519/p3
We are winning the turnover battle by 1.2 per game, good for 113th in the country.

If this is correct … stats_conf then we have been outrebounded by 14 in conference play and are 10th in the conference in creating turnovers.

mike irwin on bo’s show questions the double teams in the half court defense was well. said it rarely works in our favor, but always leaves an open three or a layup for the other team. i don’t think anderson knows any other way to coach. i kept hearing on the broadcast yesterday where the osu coach completely revamped something, i think it was his offense, based on the personal he had at osu… irwin makes a good point, the people frustrated with anderson just don’t agree or understand with how he does things, the things he coaches. everyone wants good results. but when watching college basketball and hearing the announcers comment on our play, they see the same things a lot of fans see… guess it is like aunt bea’s pickles. as long as anderson is here better just get used to it.

If you played for Coach Kaundart You were taught to block out no matter what position you played.
I don’t see the Hogs doing this, Hence why we get smoked on the boards.
This is not a this year problem it’s a fundamental problem I’ve see since Mike got here.
And why is Moses guarding a player 25’ out?

16-5 is good I suppose, just thought Mike would’ve been farther along in the process at this point in the season.

The press has been uneven at times this season - has been effective against teams that don’t have great guards and useless against ones that do

To say Anderson coaches only way is not really watching the game with an objective eye, but a critical one

They use several different zones and 3 different presses, full, 3/4 and half court

Execution has been spotty, but to insinuate he just rolls the ball out - which was said so much by fans and media in Coach Richardson’s first two years - is just inaccurate

I thought there was only one way to play the game when I was in Coach Sutton’s staff. I learned I was wrong on Coach Richardson’s staff.

He remains the only coach in the history of the program to win a national championship

I wish everyone had a chance to watch practice. There would be some rethinking of stereotypes if that were the case

Then what is the answer Dudley?
Anderson said after one game that he just tries not to get in the way during games.
After another game he said he thought his players made adjustments. Should he not be generating those adjustments?
In another post Voltan pointed out at least a half dozen basic things the team either does not do or does poorly. Basic stuff like blocking out.
You have to admit on the surface this sounds like uninvolved coaching. I respect your knowledge of the situation, but it just does not add up.
The difference between Richardson and Anderson is Richardson demanded performance. Anderson is not like that.
I think that is why so many fans are confused about how good a coach he is.

believe it or not i like one of the zone presses he uses… we are in much better position defensively if the opposing team breaks it. its the man on the ball, immediate double team that hurts us. however in the vandy game manny did get a crucial steal at the end of the game. and i chuckle at this, but most good tournament teams have good guards i believe, so am i to assume with that statement that we are, in your words, useless, against those teams?

i also agree with irwin, the trapping in half court rarely benefits us. i didn’t mention box out, but its all i heard from the announcers against osu and i have no clue as to what we are trying to do on offense, none whatsoever.

as far as rolling the ball out, i was a nolan supporter before he got here. love that style, however for the most part nolan’s teams didn’t get mauled time and time again against a very good team. yes he suffered some big losses at times, but his teams had attitude, were tough, a reflection of their coach. i just don’t see that AT TIMES, with our teams the last 5 years. love barfords attitude, we need more with that type of moxie. i think anderson coaches, i actually saw moses do some different things defensively against their high post offense. and going from a man to a 2-3 zone is coaching, i just am not sure what he coaches.

last point, the announcer said the osu coach wanted a plus 6 on out of bounds plays. wow actual plays. do we have any of those?

About Coach Richardson’s national championship:

That was a completely different time, for several reasons. But the two main ones are:

  1. The game is called much closer now defensively. All of our guards would have fouled out every game had the game been called then like it is now. So you have to make adjustments to the way the game is called. The physical play against the dribbling guards has to be reduced or disguised.

  2. In retrospect, I think we would all agree that what Nolan did in his day was revolutionary. Few, if any, teams played the kind of aggressive defense and uptempo style that we played during those early days. It was hard for opposing coaches to prepare for. Eventually everyone started catching up, which is when the rules changed, as noted above, and didn’t allow that aggressive defense.

Coach MA plays the same style as Nolan did in the day. I’m actually fine with playing that style; I think it’s fun to watch. But you just have to throttle back when defending the ball handler, or make other adjustments in the half court.

All that being said, one thing I’d like to see is us run with 4 shooting/scoring guards and one post/forward. Quickness on the ball is king these days. Having the second (usually an offensive liability) big guy on the floor doesn’t add enough to the defensive presence to make up for the lack of scoring.

You were saying in another thread that you knew CMA personally and play hoops with him. What kind of sets does he usually run when y’all are playing?

Also, all of your post seems to be bashing CMA and even have said he’s a “poor coach” I’m just curious do you ever tell him that to his face, since you know him personally, or do you just smile in his face and come on the message board to bash him?