Is there a plan B?

IF SDS is right, I sure hope we have a plan B or that one of our younger QB’s step up. I’m eternally hopeful, but without better QB play, I fear next year may be minimally better than this year.

We are not out of it for KB and yes there will be a plan B if we don 't get him.

Shane Buechele will be on the market and would be a significant upgrade

When is the deadline on players wanting to transfer ?

Conner Noland

I agree Gentry.

I like Connor a lot, but if he is plan B he NEEDS to go through spring practice and not play baseball , in my opinion .

I concur.

He’s plan B… plan A is a juco or grad transfer QB not named Kelly Bryant.

We’ll see him at War Memorial Stadium in black and gold.

Name an available JUCO QB that will come in and start, I’ll hang up and listen…

It’s not my job to know every JUCO QB, but I’m confident Morris and Craddock are aware of several that could start ahead of Storey who is not a P5 and certainly not an SEC player IMO.

Shane Buechele, Tate, and Fine are 3 GTs that would start over any QB on our roster.

Yet, they haven’t offered any? I doubt 19 days before the signing period is a good time to go searching for a JUCO, lol. As to the other GT’s, none of those guys had declared their intent to transfer.

Please don’t let this get out.

Totally top secret from super insider that must remain nameless.

JSJ is growing taller, getting stronger and running faster :? :? :?

Yeah, JUCO seems like plan F. They will defiantly go for a Grad trans

Tate will and so will Buechele who’s following Craddock and Morris on Twitter and they are following him… May be nothing, but interesting. On one of the other sites recruiting writers have spoken with JUCO QBs that say they have been told Ark will be in touch if KB tells us no.

Mason Fine’s coach will be the next coach at Kansas State. Will be interesting to see if he’s on the move too.

They turning him into a Marvel character??

Tate will be a May graduate, from what I’ve read, and the JUCO’s mentioned elsewhere don’t appear to be dual threat QB’s at all, lol. I guess we’ll know after this weekend on Buechele, what his intentions are as far as transferring.

Buechele will be able to use this as his redshirt year - will have two years to play.


I think the lack of movement on other QBs point to the staff either thinking they will get KB, or really just have no idea and Don’t want to risk running him off with another offer.

I hope it’s the first option, but it seems like absolutely no one really knows.

I doubt he comes. There are other good options out there if he doesn’t though.