Is there a new name in coaching search?

Mike Irwin tweeted that our AD is talking to a new hoops coaching candidate. Could
that be Luke Walton that another poster has brought up?

Seems like it is not a case of Beard or one other coach that has been told to wait until AD talks to Beard.


I’m worried too but not surprised at all if rumors are true of everyone we are talking to at this stage.

Muss seems in waiting to some degree. But who knows.

What happened with Marshall? We thought he might finally leave that situation enough for similar money? instead of high expectation money and he not surprisingly tells us to get lost?

I’m more concerned of Sampson effort which I have to believe played a role in letting Mike go. Was the son coach in waiting thing a surprise to AD who has known him so well?

You may be right on Walton speculation. Not sure of fit but not sure what that means for us anymore. Didn’t work out for Avery Johnson and he had a lot of NBA experience.

Pulling off Beard which I think 100-1 odds would be huge but after that I’m not sure where this thing goes.

I wonder if AD and BOT foresaw this whether they would have given Mike one more year.

My goodness surely this isn’t true. If it is ,in my opinion this would be very disappointing . We need a to hire a collage coach not someone from pro ball

The part of hiring Luke Walton that would be the worst end of the deal is that Bill Walton would start hanging around Fayetteville. He’s annoyiong enough to listen to on TV.

Honestly, I don’t think it’s a new coach, just probably one most people aren’t thinking about.


My goodness surely this isn’t true. If it is ,in my opinion this would be very disappointing . We need a to hire a collage coach not someone from pro ball

[/quote]No college head coaching experience. No SEC experience. No recruiting experience. Just mentioning him is a head scratcher. Maybe Luke Perry’s son?

It’s beginning to look like the BOT has approved “big money” for Beard only. Otherwise, we are looking on the cheap side. If true, that we offered Marshall only what he’s already making, then our search leaders look either stupid or badly ill-informed.

I’m ready to just offer Musselman, if he’s even still interested, and end the process. Or, if they’ll pay Matta real money, offer him and give him some really high tech wheelchairs if necessary.

Regardless, if true they have not settled on Plan B. That is the worry.

Yes sir. Very disappointing if true

Marshall hasn’t been offered Arkansas job.

He never was or was going to.

He needs to be.

Irwin doesn’t know any more than I do. Which , by the way , is nothing. Have you followed him lately?

Are you saying we were never serious about offering Marshall? Or he was never considering us? Just curious. I have no clue but always thought he might be interesting for us.

Marshall is interested. Marshall has received no offer from UA. Yet.

Yeahp… not sure why his opinion keeps getting brought off of hogville and into here. I mean, has he ever been right?

Is Irwin the one throwing out this idiotic rumor that UA intentionally lowballed Marshall as some kind of test?

Geez, how stupid.

I dont know, i wouldnt doubt it.

He acts like he knows things, and acts like he knows somebody… but i have only seen him be wrong, and very consistently wrong. I dont understand why anyone gives his statements/opinions the time of day, they are usually a load of crap.