Is There A New Excitement?

Now that the first big scrimmage has occurred and the first two practice weekends have gone by, I’m wondering if there’s anything new or exciting that has quickly boiled to the top that suggests the team may be better than many predicted in in early July?

Without seeing any practices, I’m thinking Nico Davillier might be ready for real P5 action at the needed DL ranks.

Just based on reading the recaps and watching videos, it seems competition is making the team better. That competition reflects better talent and more knowledge of Pittman’s expectations and coaching staff getting results. Kinda like the basketball reports, still early and need to translate into a game but there is more and better talent and competition at all spots. Fair to be more optimistic on both at this point. Phyical work but no major injuries speaks to conditioning too.

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I’m beyond excited and I am normally not an excitable boy. Not an excitable boy they all said. Can’t wait to see Nico gobbling up QB’s and showing just how fast a 280 pound man can run. Also just getting giddy over the potential of our WR’s and Trey Knox. Forget that damn jukebox. I’m more interested in seeing us turn the scoreboard into a pinball machine!

I try not to read to much into scrimmage stuff to be honest BC rarely is it 1vs1 usually 1 vs 2 and the 1 should always be able to put up big #'s but I am excited about the # of potential WR we have for KJ to throw too especially Satenga who can take a short pass to the house very quickly. Defensively I am still concerned about stopping the run but sounds like we are getting good DT playing from several so we may be ok.

I worry a lot about the defensive line, including its depth. But I think most teams in the Top 25 worry about defensive line and the ability to withstand injuries. That is probably the toughest spot to recruit big, fast, elite talent. We may have a few, but not nearly as many as the upper-echelon SEC teams. I know Sam recognizes the need to get elite defensive tackles and ends, but there just aren’t that many out there. Regardless, we have got to get some real pass rush.

Since I wear my Hog gear about every day here in Tennessee I get a lot of questions about our team this year. I typically say we have a tough schedule but have potential. I hope we realize that potential.

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Reports sound good and I am very excited looking into the season. However, until we have played a couple of games, it is difficult to tell how good or bad our team really is, since a really good offense against a really good defense can look much the same as a really bad offense against a really bad defense. Hopefully ours are both really good, but who knows for certain until we play against someone else?

We struggled to stop the run last year and I would bet we will be worse in that regard this year. That’s tough to overcome, but our offense will be more potent so hopefully opponents will be playing catch up.

I don’t recall ever having preseason football excitement occurring simultaneously with preseason basketball excitement. It’s a double whammy this year.

Well Cincinnati will be a very good test for us because even though they are losing a lot from last year’s team one thing they do have coming back is every starter on the offensive line is back and they have four seniors they will try to run the ball right down our throat I’m sure.

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