Is there a more frustrated fan base?

I don’t think so. Yeah, we are big talkers. Bigger stadium, cool fat guy coach, beat an occasional ranked opponent. But the truth is that we enter every single damn year with false optimism. Especially with guys like Bielema and Nutt at the helm. They are like my golf game. I hit just enough good shots to keep me coming back. But deep down inside I know I am wretched. And deep down inside I know the Hogs don’t stand a chance in this league. And that’s punctuated by horrific, embarassing losses like this, made only worse by those that cling to the false optimism.

Just let it go, men. Never, ever expect anything substantial out of the Arkansas Razorbacks. They don’t have enough. They’ve never had enough.

I can name a lot: Texas, Oregon, Notre Dame, LSU…

You are correct

You can not have a game like this and not have questions.

Thank you Richard. You genuinely seem to be objective.

WRONG! (in my best Donald Trump voice). All of these teams have hope. Recent national titles and playoff appearances are proof of that. But Arkansas has no hope, you see. None whatsoever. The quantity of stud athletes it takes to win don’t want to come to Fayetteville. And they never will. It’s as simple as that.

My advice is to go get a life. I love the hogs, and am disappointed when we lose. But I don’t understand why every time we lose there are a handfull of posters who get on the board and want to fire the head coach, fire the coordinators, switch leagues, or just give up and quit altogether.

It was an ugly loss. A tough setback. I was afraid we would lose playing for the eighth week in a row when they had a bye. But we are better than we were at this point last year, which was a better year than the year before. I don’t understand wanting to make a change when we continue to show improvement. It may take a while, but as long as we continue to improve year to year, sooner or later we will get to the top.

If we go in the tank, lose two or three more this year, then I will jump on the negative bandwagon with you. But I’m kind of heavy, my ankles can’t take jumping on and off the bandwagon every other week, so I’ll wait till the end of the year to see where we are overall.

Oh, and to answer your original question, I would say Oregon is probably more frustrated. For such as supposedly sleek cool program, 5 losses in a row must be tough. Do you think Phill Knight is asking for a refund?

So much hope that one of those teams has already fired their coach in season (LSU), one got a public vote of “confidence” from their A.D. which is rarely ever that (ND), and one may fire their coach tomorrow (Texas).

Are those teams more hopeful than Arkansas right now? Doubtful.

Every one of those teams can recruit far and away better than Arkansas. Not even close. That’s why they have hope. We should all realize there is no hope and temper our expectations. That’s what I’m going to do, in the course of “getting a life.”

Crawl out of your cave and talk to some of these fans.
They don’t have a lot of “hope” right now.

Malzahn said that AU prepared in the summer for Arkansas. They also had two weeks to prep for us. We looked and are a worn out football team. I think AU got their monies worth.

So, recruiting better players than everyone else is the only hope? Wonder if Texas’s recruiting classes from 2011-2014 were higher than ours? Or LSU’s over that period?

Their fan bases have “hope”, but how could that be if they’re outrecruiting us and still losing to us on the field?

So when was the last year you would want to switch places with some of the recruiting darlings like Texas, or Tennessee, or Ole Miss, or LSU? Yes, we took it on the chin tonight, but it certainly doesn’t make me give up hope. We continue to improve, may still win 10 games this year. Hopefully we will get better next year. Just got to keep working and improving.

They ran for 544 on us. That’s like OU vs. Kansas State in 1978. It’s shameful. Just like the 77-10 loss to USC, the blowouts to Bama, and now this – all of these confirm we are a third rung SEC school at best. A lot of you know this, but I think it’s appropriate to reiterate after an ass whipping like this. And at the hands of Gus no less.

This game is one that will hurt a long time. A loss by even 21 points wouldn’t have caused as much concern, but in this day & age good teams can suffer lopsided losses.

However, I don’t understand the constant complaints about the coach when the team doesn’t live up to our expectations. None of us like to admit it, but every year is an uphill battle for us because too many of our conference mates have inherent advantages over us. We can have good years, even great years, but no matter who our coach is most of the time we’re going to lose at least 3 games in the SEC. I’ve been following the hogs since Frank Broyles’s heyday & every coach we’ve had is one who some fans think needs to be replaced because he just isn’t good enough. Sometimes it’s true, but mostly it’s just that no coach is likely to satisfy all of us over the long term.

I would trade every stupid Texas Bowl and Liberty Bowl win we’ve had in the last couple of years for the comfort of knowing that, based on our capability to have top 5 classes, we have a legit shot at winning our conference and possibly a title. There is no such comfort in an Arkansas fan, because there is no such capability. Instead, we have to depend on Bielema to “develop” players. Yeah, right. That works. Hey, Bret, ever heard of 4.4 speed? There are guys that have that.

As a Hog fan, I have a non-compete clause for other SEC teams. Very frustrating after the thumping tonight but I have two weeks to reload my optimism. I have no one to blame, I signed the document in 1964.

Oregon? Tx? OM? Just a few possibilities.


You realize that Texas Bowl win you’re sneering at was over one of your recruiting darlings, right? They had two or three top 5 recruiting classes on that team that finished 6-7. I guess they can rejoice in those high rated classes, and how much they got to celebrate in February. You think Ole Miss enjoyed beating us in February the last three years? Personally, I would rather win in October.

Again, it was a tough loss. An ugly performance. But personally I’m going to wait till the end of the year to see where we are, and just try to put this one in the rear view mirror and enjoy the ride the rest of the way.