is there a holdup now

timeline we were told

  1. Chavis could not be hired because contract ran through 12/31/17
  2. Chavis could not be hired because contract ran through 12/31/18
  3. Chavis could not be hired until A and M hired aother defensive coordinator
  4. Chavis has to be fired or let go first so we won’t be responsible for any buyout dollars
  5. Chavis or at least some of defensive staff will be announced 4:00 p.m. Thursday
  6. Caldwell is on the hill, but not announced
  7. its Chavis, don’t worry
  8. Dead period is for at least another week, do not be worried
  9. today, do not be surprised if a high school coach is named to the staff

so i ask again, what is the holdup? Is there a holdup?
When might the fans know who their coaches are?

The longer it goes on the more speculation there is. I have heard from what would be legitimate reasons to ridiculous ones for the delay. i guess it doesn’t really matter, season doesn’t start until next fall. But the longer this goes on the more speculation there is out there. not that any of that matters, patience is all that is needed. just seems to me, with all the excitement of having a new coach, fans were patient for 5 years, that we are wasting some of the excitement value when a school hires a new coach. that is all. Also seems to me, and i am not a reporter, that the state newspaper, or pay for use sports boards, might attempt to give a slightly clearer picture of whats going on instead of small snippets and non answers to questions i see not only from me but from other posters.

Are we waiting on A and M to formally fire Chavis?
Are we waiting on him to finalize his hires on the defensive side of the ball?
Are we waiting on certain coaches to end their season?
Can we not come to financial terms with Chavis
Is there certain language waiting to be agreed upon before we announce the hiring?
Are we waiting for planes to pick up new coaches and families so all can be announced at one time?
Is the new coach just having a hard time deciding on who he wants or is he having a hard time convincing coaches to becoming part of our staff?

slam away

You forgot my favorite one, it’s Venables as AHC/Co-DC, Chavis as Co-DC/LB. (and yes, someone reported this yesterday)

Reporters get only a certain amount of time with CM. He dictates how much that time will be, and this time of year, it isn’t often. They may be able to pick up on rumors or other info the fans don’t have, but the writers on this sight don’t share that info/rumors unless they can verify it (which I appreciate). If coach isn’t talking, not much they can verify. But I get it. As fans, we aren’t very patient.

I agree with you on that. Very impatient

also these reporters are new to this staff. Everyone is trying to build a level of trust so that they can work together. Holdovers wanting to remain on staff probably are not forthcoming with reporters to try to maintain a position on the hill.

I realize everyone wants a staff of all stars and have it tomorrow. The reality is the offensive staff is very young with a lot of inexperience. I, for one, am happy coach seems to be taking his time and trying to get the best he can get that will take the job and come here to do it.

agree, i for one am very impatient on the subject. only because i think there is a lot of goodwill, so to speak, with a new hire with not only fans but with recruits. This hiring process has certainly not been pedal to the metal situation. i am pumped with the new hire, and i would like to see all fans on the same page, yep i know that will never happen, but as many as possible.

yep I’ve heard Venables for sure, Chavis for sure, some wild names out there.

as far as reporters not getting information, well i think when reporters give out snippets like there MIGHT be a high school coach named to the staff, it probably comes from a pretty good source so they do get information. its not only this board but other boards, all insiders are keeping mum on the subject which only adds to speculation. the mansfield high school coach name has been mentioned because there are 3 possible flips from that school from a and m to arkansas. wild speculation. who the heck knows.

but yes, very impatient on this matter, i will admit. very patient on some things in life, but not on this subject. the sooner the better i think for fans, recruits, coaches, and the u of a.

Like I said yesterday, every coach has his way of doing things. Bielema’s way was to get information out quickly. Not every coach is so forthcoming. It appears Morris is waiting to have all/most of his assistants in place before he officially announces their hires.

Someone I trust told me that some hires probably would be made official today or tomorrow.

I don’t think the search process is going any different under Morris, just the way it is relayed to the public.

and i will add one more thing, even our new coach said that lack of time to recruit, not having a complete staff on hand hurt us in the early signing period, understandable. dudley has reiterated this fact also.

so what makes not naming a staff asap any different from the early signing period. we have 1 month to recruit for the remainder of this class. yes i understand we had to wait on Chavis and the a and m situation to resolve. is it resolved? who the heck knows.

once again i say, i hope so… its time

[quote]as far as reporters not getting information, well i think when reporters give out snippets like there MIGHT be a high school coach named to the staff

I am pretty sure that this site has been reporting since before Christmas, at least for these two coaches, That Chavis and Caldwell were going to be here.

Hiring/announcing the staff hasn’t really been left lane pedal to the metal full tilt boogie. I understand everyone’s perception of that can be different. But if this is CCM’s perception of Razorfast, well, I’m concerned. The quicker these hires are made the more we can go full tilt boogie on some recruiting.

Chill guys, we will know soon enough. You may approve, you may not.

I’m not going to slam any assistant that is hired. It’s the head coaches neck on the line so whoever he feels comfortable w is fine with me. I’m just excited period. Ready to see what he can do both with players on the field and future players we will recruit. I think the general consensus is that we need better jimmy’s and joe’s. Ready to see if this staff, whenever it is announced, can actually get them to our campus and signatures on the dotted line.

No complaints from me toward the guys who bring us some inside info from time to time… You can’t report any news when there is no news to report (actually you can but thankfully our guys won’t). My issue is with the FACT that we still have no defensive staff to help with recruiting… at a time when we’ve already been put in a difficult situation given the early signing period and a HC change. I know, I know, I just need to be patient (its just recruiting)…

I said a week or so back that you get one chance to make a first impression… sure would be nice if this started looking like someone is in charge and they have a plan… that is being executed. Crossing my fingers…

Chavis has been involved with recruiting. They had a staff meeting this morning and he and the staff looked at film. It’s been my understanding he’s been in town since Thursday.

Thanks Richard. While this still seems strange to me, I trust your input. Can’t wait to hear why this had to drag out so long, but I guess that explanation will come in time. Go Hogs!

I’m sure Morris will be asked about the timeline of the hiring of the coaches when everything is in place.

Can anyone sketch out the apparent coaching staff and related positions?

Read the thread, Chad Morris assistants. I’ve put the ones I’ve heard with positions. Clay and Matt have added a few corrections (i.e. guys maybe in different positions)

Richard, this reply was pretty significant. So you’re saying that the hay is in the barn and Chavis is the DC, but the formal announcement hasn’t been made yet? Or is it the he’s wanting to evaluate the Hog returnees before saying yes?