Is there a game thread?

Game thread?

right here

Ok your thoughts?

I’m very concerned with the inability to run the ball

Austin is a stud with brains - he and hatcher are keeping us in the game

Dang! Very frustrating

This is a tough game as usual

We are playing careless and stupid ball so far. We should be up 2 TD. We need to stop blowing opportunities.

Its so hard to watch the Hogs sometimes :slight_smile: I still love em.

Frustrating…come on Hogs!!!


Score before the half please

Agree, we need a touchdown!



Wouldn’t you love an Arkansas INT for a TD right now?



Let’s do a deep pass and schlock them please

Its a good thing we played all those spread teams to prepare.

Would love to see us burn them for a touchdown.

A&M offense has been the QB run

Ark is far more diverse on offense

Defense - I think Ark has the edge but A&M run defense by loading everything up front gives Ark have get opportunities in passing as long as Austin stay healthy

So many opportunities and so few positive results. I guess we should feel happy to be tied at the half with all the fumbles, penalties, and lost opportunities. 5 shots at the 2 yard line and end up with a FG. Of course, TA&M has helped us a few times too with the early fumble and dropped passes.

We’ve played really hard and made several great plays. If we can just play clean this 2nd half, we’ll win this game.

We are giving them too many freebies. Its clear we are the better team, but mental errors are costing us to many opportunities.
They should have no more than 10 points and we should have at least 27 or more points right now at halftime.

Not sure it is clear we are the better team ,They are very talented. But I agree we should be up by at least two TD’s. But we are not so we must come out and earn it in the second half.

True but give T&M credit they are playing in a manor that is stressing a very disciplined Ark team

Looking forward to seeing how the Razorbacks respond at half - jitters are over its who can perform now

One thing Ark recive s own A&M # 1 on defense Razorback O needs to attack him