Is there a chance KJ will get more time at QB vs. LSU

Given that Ole Miss QB was very successful against LSU. Seems like we would try to replicate.

He will for sure.I expect to “try” to simulate what OM did but KJ although more powerful is not as quick or fast as Plumlee. I think we can have some success with the run game which might open a big pass or 2. I’m looking forward to seeing what our energy level is for Lunney b/c they clearly had given up on CCM.I expect us to play very hard.

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I agree with you Billy. The energy level should be much better.

Unfortunately not enough to pull it off.

Oh it will be ugly for sure, but will be good to see us play with some emotion

I have very little doubt that KJ will start and play a lot.

This will be the biggest challenge of his young QB life.

A lot of it will depend on him getting Arkansas in the right plays against an LSU defense that is more complicated than anything he has ever seen in a live situation.

I expect him to play okay, Arkansas to play with passion and effort and LSU, coming off a subpar effort against Ole Miss, to be prepared to do something biblical to strengthen its No. 1 spot.

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I expect LSU to pressure KJ into trying to be the hero he isn’t yet, which would be true of all our qbs in the same situation.

I cringe at the fan reaction to KJ throwing a bunch of picks just trying to make something happen. Having said that, I hope he gives it a go and I don’t care if he does throw a few int’s.

Can’t be any different than Starkel…I am reminded how Peyton Manning tool the reins for the Colts…every other throw seemed like a pick…learning curve…then every other throw seemed like a touchdown…just have to be in the game to do either…

One thing I like a lot after seeing KJ play is he seems extremely confident and in control of the offense.

Number 1 LSU on a Saturday night is one heck of a place to get your first start baptism though…

Would love to see us keep this reasonably close at least for the first 2 quarters…17-9 at halftime type of score…
Tired of seeing us down 21 -0 after 10 minutes. Maybe Lunney and KJ can generate that spark to be competitive.

This game is a great opportunity for all the young guys to get game action on the road against an elite opponent, and for the new staff to get a bigger video collection to break down before spring practice. Winning would of course be an unbelievably wonderful surprise, and keeping it close would be very nice, but the main thing now is player development, with all apologies to the seniors.

Love the kid, he is extremely confident, he should be starting now and I think he has a chance to be great, but he is in no way “in control” of the offense in my opinion

He will be in better control of it than he was two weeks ago because of the extra practice and reps, but let’s not put unfair expectations on the kid, especially when he is going against LSU’s defense.

He’ll be so much better with an off-season, spring practice and fall camp under his belt.

Just hope he likes the new hire.

That is what a lot of us hope, Dudley. We hope KJ and the boys all like him.

I would imagine we are going to see some really good things from KJ and a lot of mistakes, too. From being a quarterback in high school football last fall to playing on Saturday night in Baton Rouge in front of those crazy Cajuns. That is a huge leap. I bet Coach Lunney has done a nice job of trying to prepare him for what he is going to encounter. KJ will just have to weather the storm. He will ride it out and be a better player for the experience.

With regard to the new hire, Dudley, do you think he would fit in to Leach’s offense should Leach get the job?

To be honest, no.

KJ is not a pure pocket passer of which Leach usually has

Starkel is more of his type

Ark. needs a coach who can win what he has . New coach will have to make it work with one of the three guys on staff unless the portal provides another option.

My main hope for KJ Saturday is that he comes through the game injury free. Without a doubt, he will be hit hard multiple times.

IMO, Kiffin would be the ideal coach for KJ, who is similar in physical stature to Hurts. I’ll bet though, he’d also be great in Campbell’s offense.

If you take out the sacks, ISU’s QB the last two years is running it a few times a game based on the stats and watching them play. The kid had a 44 yard run in one game. The RBs are carrying it about 24 times a game, and I’d guess there are somewhere between 3 and 6 called QB runs a game(88 total QB runs, which in college includes scrambles and sacks). The backup QB has not played much, but appears to be more run than pass when he’s in there.

If I remember correctly, the first year MC was at ISU the QB ran a little more, mainly because he was not as good a passer and also had to scramble quite a bit. I’m not sure MC has had a guy who can run it like KJ at Toledo or ISU, but as you said the system should work for KJ.