Is there a case for targeting Lane Kiffin?

I see it’s subject of a blog.

He is going to take a big job soon and can’t go back to TN.

Offensive guy and knows biggest stages of college ball.

I don’t know if skeletons but he’s a Saban disciple and is not going to stay at small Florida school past this year.

Would be stay with us ten years?

Maybe not but he would have to have taken us back to big time to leverage into another role first.

Has head coaching experience and experience at highest levels of college ball.

No. He’s a drama queen

I think there is. Elite offensive mind who could recruit like crazy due to name recognition, experience, etc… probably grown up some since the Raider/Vols days. At least worth kicking the tires for sure, imho…

I’ve thought about him.

He might be able to recruit big time. But, can he run a team? Maybe he has learned and matured.

NO! He’s a first class jerk.

I wonder the same thing.

But he has had some of the best learning experiences of anyone around.

I think he is well motivated to win at next level to prove it, if given the chance.

No way he’s at FAU next year.

Someone on a large stage is going to take him imo.

Love his offensive numbers this year.

And if anyone knows it takes D and big time line recruits to beat Saban, you would think Lane knows it.

I don’t know but intriguing.

You have said all that’s needed on this guy!

If you target him the refs will throw a flag and you will get ejected from the game. Besides we don’t play his team this year… Oh wait, that’s not what you meant.

Seriously, when has Lane Kiffin ever re-built a program. I mean, he’s helped cause chaos in a couple, but all I can say is NO.

I understand and would have some reservations.

But unlike guys who have never been at the highest levels of college ball you at least know he has seen it all.

His turn around at FAU is impressive.

He may come back to SEC or another big stage.

I think he has something to prove and clearly has had head coaching experience at high level unlike up and comers.

I like him more than taking a chance on young guy at Memphis State for instance and some others.

But I understand how young past at big programs was mixed.

He has a household name that recruits respect. Has more connections with coaches than your average coach. I personally think it would be a fantastic hire, he would be able to grab some good coordinators, and run the program like he learned… I think he’s much better now than he was at TN. He was a tad premature for that job.

If the only thing wrong is “he’s a jerk” then hire him. We’ve got a good ole jolly giant that is “A great guy” and we see the conversations he’s lead to.

All coaches are typically ego maniacs anyway.

Rather not, no need to jump out of the kettle into the fire and that’s what it would feel like to me . WPS

At this point, he may be 1 of only a very few recognizable coaches that would even wink at us.
Of course we are going to have throw the complete checkbook at a great coach anyway.

It’s time to start spending elite money, to get results. The money is there, we need to be competitive in the coaching and assistant ranks, (which requires the money paid to bring quality guy in here) then we will compete on the field.

Takes money to make money, and in this case, win games!

Go check out Joey freshwater. He literally couldn’t stay out of the bars and sorority houses. He needs a high paying gig to cover his alimony and child support. Don’t make situation worse with this clown

I would rather hire that nut job at East Mississippi Junior College than hire Lane Kiffin. There is a reason why he is coaching at Florida in the Atlantic and not in the SEC or Pac 10.

My first respone is no, but several of you make good points. I would be scared, but open minded. Can’t see Long doing that, I don’t know what I can see him doing.

Here is what I think…JL will meet with a very emotional CBB who will beg for patience and a chance to fix this…CBB will pull out an IPad with some type of “recovery plan” on it and show it to Long…will point out all the injuries to key players beginning with RWIII, will assure Long we are so close…all of which Long will find convincing and alluring.

Very possible.

Agree wholeheartedly. We do not need him.

If you’re insane there is a case to be made.