Is there a basketball practice open to the public

this Saturday? Thought I saw a Muss tweet inviting folks to stop by before the football game Saturday, to watch a Hog basketball practice???

I can’t find the tweet now, but I hope I didn’t dream that!


I saw it. If I remember correctly it’s an open practice that starts at 11:15am.

man, I hope this is true. I will be there with my twins, they’ve never been to the Bud. times perfectly with our tailgate!

Also, I just love how Muss is promoting his program. Just love it!


The practice is open Saturday beginning at 11:15 a.m.

wooo hoooo!!!

Last time I got to watch practice was as a student in Barnhill-Day Mayberry, Miller days! We camped out prior to a Texas game (Wright, Mays, Blanks), Oliver chatted us up some in line, cheerleaders felt sorry for us and brought us some pizza. Wally had just written a very unfriendly article about William Mills, so we gave him the business, as only 20-year-old-know-it-all’s can do. And we blew out Texas. GREAT weekend!

very cool. anyone else going to be there?


When the Web Hogs were around, Daddy used to go in to BWA to watch practice. He loved it. I’m glad that is being allowed again.

It’s always a wise PR move to open a practice on a football game day

Is the open practice scripted? Is it a full on practice or is it a specific thing just for fans to see “a practice.”

I’m sure it is scripted, but for the team, not the fans.

And Coach Musselman really doesn’t do things on the court for show so it should be a normal practice.

I used to go to practices on football game days all the time back in the 80’s and early 90’s. After BWA was built it wasn’t the same. For one thing Barnhill was right by the stadium, so you could just walk right out of the basketball arena and into the football stadium. Also, the way the lower bowl seats retract at Walton, you’re not really that close to the floor. At Barnhill, if you got there early enough, you could sit within a few feet of the court. Close enough to hear the players ask questions, or offer encouragement to each other, or hear Coach Richardson chew someone out. The pinnacle of watching practice was the October 1989 Texas football game. It was one of those 11:30 kickoffs, so basketball practice was around 9 in the morning. Two very notable recruits were at practice, Clint McDaniel and Anfernee Hardaway. Barnhill held 9,000 for a game, about 6,000 were at practice. That was the year that Basketball Weekly had us as it’s preaseason #1. We made the Final Four that year. I still remember watching the recruits as much as the practice. Hardaway was watching everything really intently, fully engaged. McDaniel was barely paying attention, mostly reading a newspaper. I thought to myself, “we have a really good chance with Hardaway, but the other guy acts like he couldn’t care less”. Of course the exact opposite happened.


What about opening spring football practices during a baseball weekend. Would that be wise too?

I would certainly have no issue with it.

I have always thought closing spring practices is kind of silly. But what do I know. Anytime you can get someone to come to your stadium and hang out it’s gotta be a good thing.

I understood closed spring practices when they didn’t have use of the stadium in the construction process, but not for when there is no construction. There really isn’t much room for a crowd at the practice facility.

From Musselman this afternoon:

“If you want to check us out, come and we’re going to practice like we always do. We’re not going to set it up where it’s a scrimmage situation. We’re going to do our same drills and our same prep work.”

That’s what I was kind of looking for with my earlier question/post.

I know Muss game plans for each team. Was wondering if he was going to kind of scrimmage and game plan for what to expect, or just run through drills