Is the Pirate headed back to Texas Tech?

Can’t imagine that happening.

MSU is a better job than Tech in my opinion.


Word on the street is that he’s headed to East Carolina cuz… well, you know.


Agree…but by now, he knows he’ll never win the SEC West there…so he’ll be out in 2-3 more years. IF…and it’s a big “if”…Tech would pay some of those back wages and give him similar $$ to what he’s making at MSU, he could go back there where he’d be a hero (most fans LOVED him, and now they’ve had a decade without him and know what that is like) and stay as long as he wanted. Plus, the people he had a problem with in the Admin are now gone, I believe.

Not saying it will happen, but I can see that as a plausible scenario.

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Never say never.

Well he is a pirate… land at a spot… rape, pillage, grab what loot you can then sail for the next spot. Sailing the seven seas with no one knowing where or when he might turn up next.



Just spread the rumour among the team the next couple of days.


Remember he is a lawyer.

Lawyer… Pirate… hmmm Potato… po-ta-toe

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I’m pretty sure Mike Leach is still in a dispute with Texas Tech over $2.5 million he claims the university refused to pay him when he was fired a decade ago. I don’t see those two sides reconciling.


Me neither. I think TT is the last he’d end up. Besides, he already has a better job

Obviously your wife is not from West Texas.

The dispute between the Pirate and TT is still festering. He still wants the 2.5 million he says they owe him. There is zero chance he goes back IMO. I’ve read a little on this subject and it seems to me that Leach got screwed.

Not everyone’s wife wants to back to where they are from…

Stankville. West Texas. Both are pie holes!


This notion has to do more with his agent trying to get him a raise. I’m sure certain boosters would love to have him back.

I’ve always thought he’d love coaching Tampa Bay in the NFL. Just think of Leach with Brady and how much fun they could have on that ship in the end zone (if it’s still there).

Amen. My wife is from Memphis and there’s no way she’d want to live there now.

I agree, but the pie hole in Lubbock better suits Leach, IMO. He’s proved he can win there without having a top twenty recruiting class every year. With OU and Tx gone he probably would win his share of conference championships too.

Whereas, he will be lucky to having a winning season in any given year in Stankville. You have to recruit well to win in the SEC, as we all know.

Having a couple of boosters that floated his name is much different than having administrative support. Given they haven’t ponied up his 2.5 mil. I don’t think he’s in a hurry to pack the uhaul. If it was just about boosters, Art Briles would be working now.