Is the PC going to be

On TV ? What station if it is?

330 in little rock on katv…7.probably be statewide/might even have some of it on Finebaum’s show

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24 or 51 in nwa

It starts at 3 so if KATV is starting coverage at 3:30 they gonna miss something.

I have it on good authority that it will be live-streamed on and

UA website has link to livestream through ESPN+, the same way we watch baseball and basketball games.

ESPN stream of Pittman newser

my mistake…remember hearing 3 and the wife said something about that same time

However, the ESPN stream linked on the UA website also says 3:30 start. But maybe that’s for the newser, not the introduction with the band and the cheerleaders and all of that

Channel 7 just this minute announced their coverage would begin at 3:00