Is the game a sell out?

We need our fans

It is not a sellout and I don’t anticipate it will be. But I do think there will be a strong crowd of 70,000-plus.


Are those Ole Miss tickets that got turned back in? Reason I ask is that the ticket office is paying face value for tickets in their new buyback program. Not sure why they’d be offering to buy back tickets at full price if they haven’t sold all to start.

The buyback program is designed to pay full price; they make their money turning around and reselling those tickets for more than full price (which, being the ticket issuer, they can do legally; they just reprice their inventory). And if you want to sit downstairs tomorrow, or in the club areas, the buyback program is pretty much the way to go, even now.

I looked at the UA ticket website just before 5 p.m. There are a lot of OM turnback seats left; section 509 doesn’t have many seats sold at all. I count about 30 seats left in 111, also an OM turnback area. There are two (2) seats left in 109. Scattered single seats in South Outdoor Club. Section 500 has 25 seats left. About 90 seats in 508. One seat in 107, one in 106. That’s it. Of course, none of those include the buyback seats.

I realize that the university is selling those tickets back for above face value. However, without knowing exactly what the spread is on what people are willing to pay versus the face value of the tickets that the university is spending, hard to come up with a reason to buy back tickets if you still have this available inventory left to sell. They are using technology to sell tickets in a way that puts an offer out to the final buyer. I think you’d offer the tickets you already have in inventory, before going and buying others back. If no one is willing to buy the tickets you already have, then I guess that makes sense. if you could sell the ticket you already have in inventory for $40 above face value, that’s the same net proceeds as selling a re-purchase ticket at $100 above face value.

About 300 or so left in the visitors section, about 75 spread throughout the rest of the stadium, so fairly close. I suspect the overflow student section in the upper south east corner won’t be full, it’s fall break on Monday and Tuesday and they are offering 4 guest passes for $10 /ticket.

I guess my answer to that is that if you need 4 tickets together for tomorrow and you don’t want to sit in the nosebleeds, the buyback program is still your best option even now. There are less than 50 seats left downstairs and they ain’t great seats.

Or you can come walk along Razorback Road and try your luck; you may even be successful. I had two extra tickets to Bama because my son and my girlfriend were both sick. I found two guys near the Gardens who were buying tickets. Told them what I had, they made an offer, I countered, we made a deal. It was less than face value (not close really) but worth it to me to get the cash in my pocket and not have to wander around out there for two hours trying to sell those tickets. So at game time a guy and his daughter came to sit in those seats. I told them they had been mine and asked what they paid the guys on the street. He said face value. If I’d drove a harder bargain with those guys, they woulda charged a lot more than what I paid.

That’s sad SF that you had to sell good bama seats for less than face value. Not that it is right or wrong but I sold my tickets in 125 for a small profit…enough for me to pay my personal property taxes.

It’s a shame we can’t sell out when both teams are in top 25.

This program needs its fans