Is the CFP rigged? OSU v. Northwestern

We all agree what the SEC does and who it takes care of, but now the question is, does the Big 10 do the same thing and help out OSU in the second half. I’m watching. It was clean in the first half. Something tells me it won’t be in the second.

Ill be shocked if the Big10 lets Northwestern win, or heck, even play close. What for a lot of calls to go OSU’s way in the second half.

That’s what I’m thinking. But, would love to see a fair game.

Didn’t watch that game but from looking at the score & summary Ohio St sure didn’t make a statement for the playoffs.

I watched the whole game. No major penalties and the refs stayed out of it. I thought it was a well called and played game. OSU has a legit defense and their Dline is as good as anyone’s. Northwestern is good, but OSU just called a poor game offensively. Defensively, they called a great game. I don’t know if OSU is a top 4 team, because they haven’t played a full schedule. I certainly think they could lose a game throughout a full season, but probably not 2 in the Big 10. So I think by default they would probably have made it into the playoff, from what I saw today. They look a lot like UGA actually. In fact that’s probably the best comparison. How would UGA look in the Big 10. THat’s OSU.

I did watch it. Both teams feature good defense. Ohio State will sail into the playoffs now. The committee will cite the Buckeye defense and that will be the end of it.

I think at worst, they showcased they would be the best 1 loss team. So by default, I’d think they deserve to get in before any 1 loss team.

They didn’t need help. There was one NW drive aided by 2 PF 15 yarders.

Main reason they did not need help was they had an extremely good Oline and some big fast guys on defense. Owned the LOS. funny how that works.

Notre Dame is the one team that failed to do themselves a favor out of the top 5 schools. They are getting their rear ends handed to them! The won without Lawrence was a fluke.
The 4 team playoff should be
Texas A&M
And pick one.
(Ohio State) played 6 games.
(Notre Dame) got slammed with Lawrence playing and beat Clemson without him.
Texas A&M will probably be the odd man out tomorrow!

There is no way the domers should get in over the Aggies.

I was really rooting for Northwestern. Ever since the NCAA allowed tatToOSU to play in the Sugar Bowl and sweater-vest promised to “discipline them next year”, I have despised them.

(One thing that you can say about most football fans, especially those for Arkansas, we have really long memories.)

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