Is the Catfish Hole

still being used for recruiting as it has been in the past?

Read a discussion on Facebook (I know, it’s Facebook) insinuating that perhaps it’s time to move up from the old reliable eatery.

Being down here in SW Arkansas, I’m not familiar with the options being mentioned.

Anybody heard anything official…this was just social media talk. I got the feeling most of the participants were on the younger side.

Sassy’s and Ruth’s Chris(?) were brought up.

No way I would not continue at the Catfish hole!!


You never say never, but it’s hard to see the CH not being used in the future.

Kids and parents rave about the CH experience during the recruiting visit. Plus the food is so good. I’m not a catfish person but everything on the menu is awesome. The grilled cajun chicken is incredible.

Past players and parents often eat there when back in town. I know a parent of a current recruit was so looking forward to eating there on an upcoming trip.


I routinely see current players and families there on game weekends (after games). Dom Johnson was the last one, following the Mizzou game.


The Catfish Hole has the best steak in Fayetteville.


I keep hearing that. I’ve gotta try it!

I ate there last night, and had the filet for the first time. It was very good.

I am a steak snob so am very particular. I would not say it is quite up to the quality of Ruth’s Chris (but they are not in Fayetteville


The price just might be higher. That is Ruth’s Chris.

A little bit or 2.

Doc, I don’t know why Ruth’s Chris was mentioned. I didn’t see it on any list of Fayetteville restaurants. BTW, we don’t have one in Murfreesboro either!

Brought my best man from my marriage to CH back during the Bielema years.
Food was very good and of course, the atmosphere/history makes it special for true Razorback fans.

Not Doc, but he might have mentioned Ruth’s Chris because there is a location in Rogers.


Demhogs also mentioned Ruth’s Chris being brought up as an option. I’ve eaten at the Rogers location. Good but overpriced IMO.


I’ve told people one of the best steaks I’ve ever eaten was at the CH.

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Jeremy, I should have worded my statement “I don’t know why Ruth’s Chris was brought up in the FB discussion I read…” My fault!

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I have certainly had better than Ruth’s as well, but not in NWA

We have a Ruth’s here in Lafayette, LA - for maintaining grade points we reward our twins with dinner there at the end of each semester. This last dinner during the holidays was disappointing (for what it costs)

My personal best is 14 hush puppies :trophy:

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I ate at the original Ruth’s Chris’s in New Orleans years ago. It was so small and unassuming, its size compared to a newer Ruth’s Chris’s was like comparing the original one-room Walmart in Bentonville to a mega Walmart now. I have also eaten at the Catfish Hole. Ruth Chris’s is great, and a great story, but way overpriced IMHO. If I were a recruit, I’d much rather go to an only-in-Fayetteville place and experience like the Catfish Hole than any chain, Ruth Chris’s included. And then if they get a sweet NIL deal and a pro contract down the line, they can go to Ruth’s Chris’s all they want in their NFL team’s city, they can afford it, and go to the Catfish Hole when they are back in Fayetteville.


If any of y’all are traveling down in south ark stop in at Taylor’s in dumas. Everyone raves abt there steaks down here. I live close to lr and I make the trip but the drive home is miserable with a full stomach! Lol