is the 2nd game on ESPN 3

not being listed

It shows the original Saturday game. Clicked on it and it said your event has not started. Who knows

oh ok mine says unknown event for the 620 game

I’m not seeing anything on watchespn.

We’re already down 3-0 in the top of the first . . .


Yet another mediocre start for Campbell . . .

I can’t find it anywhere

Anyone find it?

no having to live stats it and cambell gave up 3…jury still out on him IMO too many walks and extra base hits

Nice to watch games on internet but this is why I don’t make the complete switch from cable. Pitiful. Way to go ESPN

we have done this before and were always able to watch both .don’t understand!

The Arkansas baseball twitter feed says it is being streamed and they are trying to get the link posted. Still no joy at 10 ‘til.

Somebody forgot to tell somebody

cambell evidently don’t have jack squat and that aint good with Kentucky coming in and they are light yrs better than Kent st.

Live updates still tells me it is 1-3 at the end of one. My wife tells me it is 1-5 in the bottom of the fourth. Way to go guys.

The game ain’t over. They are behind with plenty of chances to change it.

no doubt only down 2 …5-3 go to get Fletcher going

Just to be clear, you couldn’t have seen it on DirecTV, Dish Network, Fios, Cox or any other outlet either. It’s not as if WatchESPN was the only thing that dropped the game - NO one showed it.

I would like to know the reason! they had equipment on hand…we have seen DH before on there.OM did the same thing and theirs were covered.