Is the 2025 BB recruiting class the strongest in recent hx?

I get that is a very subjective issue, but this writer claims that to be true:

Isaiah Joe seems to be pumping this '25 Benton kid

The Boozer twins themselves make this class special. They say that Cameron Boozer could have been the #2 draft pick in this year’s NBA draft.

The Burgess kid is very good.

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I’ve been wanting to see a lot of great feedback so far this spring, but there’s been little to none. I believe he’s playing up on the Hawks 17U team. Hate to say it, but he may need to go to another team to be better exposed. The Hawks seem to be a struggling organization at the 16U/17U levels, as has been the case with the other primary AAU orgs in the state.

Didn’t Hawks get some kind of boost lately? Saw some tweets from Bill Ingram recently.

Burgess is legit.

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I saw the tweet about their new home facility. Looked nice. I’m just looking at their teams and the trend once kids hit 16U and 17U.

It’s a shame. It wasn’t too long ago the Wings Elite were competing well in the EYBL.

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