Is the 2018-19 roster set?

I’m thinking the staff is probably done with the 18-19 roster now. They currently don’t have an open scholarship and Justice Hill is suppose to be coming in the Spring, so I’m assuming he’ll walk-on for one semester.

Who do you guys think start the season? And who do you guys think starts by conference play. I’m going to leave Garland out for now until he’s cleared.

Opening day starting lineup.


I think CMA will go with starting all his returning guys, although Gabe is probably out of position, I think he’ll give it a try because Gabe does have ball handling ability and he’s a glue guy, so he’ll trust him to be on the floor to start the games.

Conference play starters


I think the Opening Day lineup will be Gafford, Bailey, Jones, Joe and Harris.

My prediction for conference play is Gafford, Chaney, Joe, Embery and Harris.

I second this prediction, if the Lord tarries

Would be nice if Gabe or Bailey took a major leap and were starter quality players next year.

I think it depends on a few things. Most important is Phillips health. We’ve discussed this before. If he is healthy, and returns to form, he will start at the 3, UNLESS Khalil is cleared. Jones is good, but Phillips, if 100%, is better. I don’t see Gabe starting. I do agree, however about him being a glue guy, Gabe reminds me of a bigger Kikko. If he has the practice drive that Kikko possessed, then Gabe maybe a major contributor, but this is something we’d have to wait and see on. Kind of like the grades for this year’s class in the other thread, we won’t know until around Jan/Feb how these guys are.

As for Justice, I could be mistaken, but I thought he’d come in as a FB guy and play basketball in the offseason. Did I misunderstand that’s what was being looked at?

Justice Hill WILL be a basketball player. He MIGHT be a football player.

The current plan will be for him to be a basketball grayshirt when he arrives in Jan. 2019 - meaning he won’t be on scholarship with the basketball team (there are no scholarships available) or football one at that time.

But come the summer, Justice will be on basketball scholarship

Per his dad Fitz, after the 2018-2019 basketball season is over, Justice will go down and walk on to the football team for spring practice in what amounts to a tryout to see if he could help them.

If he can, he might - and that’s might - be with the football team in the fall.

But my guess is that he will be with basketball when the first fall practice happens.

The following year it might be different if the Arkansas football coaches see him as rotation player in the secondary or at wide receiver.

If he ever steps on the field as a football player during the game he will immediately go on football scholarship.

While I like Jordan Phillips and his potential, I can’t agree with the 100 percent better.

To me that is overselling one and underselling the other, but I am sure you are just using hyperbole in your opinion.

I think Daniel Gafford, Jalen Harris, Adrio Bailey and Isaiah Joe are four likely starters from day one.

I think Coach A will start whoever meshes best with those guys at the start of the season.

That could be Mason Jones, Gabe O, Keyshawn Embery, Reggie Chaney or Jordan Phillips - or Khalil Garland for that matter if things work out medically.

I expect Ibby Ali to get minutes at the 5, Chaney and Ethan Henderson to get time at the 4 and likely some 5, Embery to play the 1, 2 and 3, Sills to play the 1-2, Jones to play the 2-3, Phillips the 3 and possibly 4 and Gabe to be the fix it guy at the 3, 4 and 5.

I said IF 100% (he had the same surgery Isaiah Thomas had, he didn’t return to form, and I believe had to do the surgery again), Phillips is the better player… I didn’t say he was 100% better.

When looking at players, I look at players whose characteristics I see in the younger players. Mason Jones = a HS Jaylen Barford, Jordan Phillips =a freshman UCA Scottie Pippen.

I see that comma in there now.

I would just hold off on putting too much expectations on individuals early.


My thought process with the team next year is pretty simple. We will see a wide range of starting lineups until CMA gets a feel for who plays best in what group for the advantage on offense and defense. Once he finds the 2 groups we will see it settle down some. The major difference the last 2 years has been options. There’s more talent on the team and more size. It will be a fun year.

I agree with you