Is Texas Tech similar to anyone we’ve played?

I haven’t watched them much this year.

I’ll hang up and listen.

I would say Missouri

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Both Missouri and Texas Tech can struggle to score at times. It won’t be a cake walk but the hugs should win.

Lots of people talk about Texas Tech’s defense being really good and really tough. It is. But, Arkansas has the ninth-best defensive efficiency rating nationally, according to KenPom. Tech is No. 21. Not a huge gap, but the Razorbacks can play D.

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If we are full strength and healthy, we can win this game but it will be a war.

We are nationally ranked higher, won more games, seeded higher in the tourney. Therefore Hogs should win. We are a better team. Best team don’t always win though. But In this case I think we do.

Yes we can. I was amazed that during our pressure D and comeback run before half that we did so with little fouling.
It was incredible defense. Real live defense, not sit on it offense and call it defense but in your grill, give me the ball, hand raking bodying up, crazy in your face defense. Remarkable.

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Coach M was probably hoping to only resort to it in short bursts and save it for an emergency, well winning this game became that emergency.

I’d say they play more like Tennessee, but that’s my opinion. They are methodical just like Tennessee.

I think Coach M would say orchestrated mayhem is what his Hogs play.

Like a lot of teams these days (including the Hogs at times) Tech plays with four big guards and one burly power forward. They play good defense, block more shots than you might think, and have played a lot of tight games. They typically play an eight man rotation with six of those guys being guards. All of the guards can score on a given night, and they have some good, but not elite three point shooters.

They do get out-rebounded by small margins in most games against good competition, at times they turn the ball over a bit too much, and they need good three point shooting to win against good teams. They can get into foul trouble if you get inside on them.

Overall, I would say they are a good team, but a team with enough flaws to make their margin fo error in the tournament smaller than the Hogs.

Tech is an all-out hustle team, quick, and well coached. So are the Hogs… we are a three seed and they are six seed for a reason. We have a height advantage and unless the Hogs have a real shooting nightmare we should win. Tech struggles at times with offense, and if their three point shooting is off a little, we could win big. Our bracket is shaping up well for us… take care of business, win and advance.

This will be the game the defense has to set the tone and get us in transition if we are to win because TT will probably take Moody away from us and we know Smith isn’t getting 29.might not be pretty in the half court,will have to really pass the ball crisply to get open shots, I think we can shut them down too in the half court, whoever plays best in transition wins IMO

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