Is something up with an injury or suspension?

Our line just jumped from -7.5 to 10 in short order. That’s usually a bad sign.

Nothing new as far as I am aware.


Things that make you go “hmm.” I wonder what they know that we don’t.

This late in the week it simply means a lot of money has poured in on TCU since yesterday. The line opened at Hogs +9, dropped to +6 as the week went by and has pooped up to any where from +8 to +10 on the five sites I looked at.

If you forced me to bet on this game, I would take TCU and give up the points at 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, heck, probably even 17. Is it a “given” that we will lose and lose big? No. But I think that outcome is more likely than not. Hope like heck I am wrong.

Yes. I know it means a lot of $ came in quickly. I’m just trying to see if there’s a reason. 2.5-3 points in a day is a huge jump.

Who is the officials?

I am watching Arkansas players on the field. I see all of the right guys. Austin Allen has warmed up and thrown the ball well.

Who is the officials? B12 crew or Neutral?

I heard a betting info site was giving away a guranteed tip on Arkansas vs TCU. The “betting expert” said that 23 of their 25 experts had agreed on this pick and he was giving it away free to everyone who called his 800 number and, I assume, listened to his sales hype. That was just on this morning around 11:00 on ESPN radio. Since this was a national commercial I bet they had a lot of people that took that tip and bet on it. I doubt they all picked Arkansas.

SEC: Marc Curles according to Clay. :shock:

Yep, now we know what the tip was