Is Seven Enough?

Serious question here, not just trying to be a troll or stir the pot.

Coach Anderson has been here 7 years. Let that part sink in for a
second. The roster is filled with players he selected / recruited.
The team is a SENIOR heavy team. SENIOR heavy!!

How can we play defense so horribly?
How can every team we play have a field day from 3pt range?
How can we keep giving up lay-ups faster than a duck on a June Bug?
Why oh why can we not shoot a FT worth a damn?
Why do we stand around so much on offense?
Why do we play so much one on one ball?
Why are we such a schizophrenic team?
Why are we mainly focused and intense at home but totally passive on the road?
Why do we always seem to have to wait until next year?

It would be forgivable if this was the aberration year. Every team has one
every now and then. Thats just the way the ball bounces. Generally it is when
you have a very young and growing team forced to start a bunch of freshman, not
with a senior heavy team. Unfortunately, most of those questions can be applied
to quite a few of the years during Coach Andersons time here. We see this time
after time after time ad nauseam.

I really liked Coach Anderson. I was so pumped when we pulled him away from
Missouri and brought him back home. He was the prodigal son returned to lead
us back to the glory years we had with Nolan (when Mike was an assistant). I
still think he is a fine man, but he is not Nolan and fair or unfair that is
what he is going to be measured against. Nolan showed us what could be done
here and what we should expect to see here. Coach Anderson has not even come
close to that level of play.

So I have to wonder, if after 7 years, have we seen the best Mike Anderson can
do? If so, then it is not enough. Seven years is plenty of time to ensure the
product on the floor never looks like it has recently. Never plays as soft or
inconsistent as we see year after year.

Maybe 7 years is not enough, then again… maybe it is!

I know I’ve lost faith in him.

7 is enough to know about where our ceiling is with Mike. hope for the sweet 32, generally struggle like crazy in conference games, but he’s a nice guy who is recruiting better and better. can that change our ceiling? we’ll see.

7 is not enough to fire the man. waaaay too many ticket selling, and recruiting waaaay to good.

If you’re hoping to get rid of MIke, then you need to hope that this team does not end like last season, and you have to hope that we continue to suck in conference for the next 2 years and not win NCAA games.

It just seems like we are going to watch this for the next 20 years and just never be relevant in basketball again. Sort of “basketball purgatory”.



Don’t totally disagree with you, but we have a new AD. Under Long, I would have totally agreed with you. Under this new AD, we’ll see.