Is Seth Greenberg viewed as a crook

Know nothing about him. However, the general tone I hear is he is crooked. I don’t expect the site’s journalists to elaborate on anything speculative, but for those who aren’t journalists what is up with him?

The day Reggie Perry committed to MSU right after Perry played for Greenburg on the Adidas Curcuit summer tour

Greenburg and Howland are boys. MSU is an Adidas school.

Could be a conspiracy theory. Make of it what you will.

I view most of the ESPN “journalists” as crooks, especially those involved with college basketball

They are all crooks. I hate him!

Ain’t no conspiracy theory, doesn’t take much to put 2 and 2 together. Everybody knows what happened with Perry, and Greenberg was without a doubt a big part of it. You laid everything out here perfectly.

That picture speaks loudly.

I think we all understand the money in college athletic recruiting, there’s zero doubt about that.
The problem for Arkansas is that either we aren’t willing to spend money for college athletes or, if we are we are obviously horrible at it.

Go Hogs!

It called integrity. CMA has integrity. The FBI could greatly change things. Seth being in bed with Gatto could help him land in stripes some day.
Howland will get Moo U in trouble in due time.

Does a frog bump his a… when he hops?
Seth & Wes both ooze corruption, can’t just blame the NCAA only, because these slime balls have had free reighn running their schemes in the “SEC” for a while.

How? What crime did Seth commit?

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This is just speculation on my part 2009, but with how everything went down in regards to Perry, I honestly could see Seth as the bagman (or at least the liaison that introduced the Perry’s to the bagman).

Both the NCAA and SEC know about Greenberg and most other corrupt characters out there and don’t care. The only time they show interest is when these slime balls are so brazen about it that it makes them look bad. Time to start playing the game just like them, or get used to being mediocre for years to come.