Is Segrest Really A Problem?

I am not an insider so I don’t claim to know the behind the scenes scoop, but I am wondering why there is such a rush to get rid of Rory Segrest?
Segrest has been an enthusiastic supporter of CBB and this program, at least seen from the outside.
We have seen Flowers, Philon, Ledbetter, T. Johnson, Hodge, Loewen and at times Wise, Winston and Roesler play at a high level the last three years. Agim and Capps are showing high promise. That is pretty good considering some of them were not highly regarded when they got here.
Meanwhile his lines have been part of an unagressive, almost fearful defensive scheme with limited blitzing or other creative play calling and a back seven that offered limited support. I love Brooks Ellis and when used correctly was very effective as both a player and leader. But he was not a feared pass rusher that took pressure off what generally was a three or four man only rush.
Segrest also seems to be an active recruiter whom the players like.
What am I missing?

I would say that the DL didn’t perform up to the standards expected this year and that probably has fans frustrated at him as well as every other defensive coach.

One would suspect that Paul Rhoads will have a lot of say so in who leaves and who stays

I’m not seeing 4 & 5 Star talent mention him as a reason to consider a Razorback offer like Patridge did this my reasoning for wanting him replaced.

As Dudley said the DL has under performed for 2 years and I don’t think he is a very good recruiter.

I think he is a good position coach and is better suited for the NFL game versus CFB.

I’m not seeing 4 & 5 Star talent mention him as a reason to consider a Razorback offer like Patridge did this my reasoning for wanting him replaced.
[/quote]Did you say Partridge ? He is available again, just saying.

I have been curious all season about what Coach Rhoads has thought as he watched this season play out.
I still am not convinced that Segrest is the MAIN reason the line has under performed. The play calling, the personnel he has to work with, the support the line gets from behind all play a role. I named a half dozen guys that played very well under him.
And I don’t recall hearing, until now, that he is a bad recruiter. We seem to have gotten some promising players out of Georgia and the Carolinas.
I just think scapegoats are being sought and if Segrest is let go I want it to be for the right reasons, not an incorrect placing of blame.
Coach Rhoads’ secondary was a joke last season yet he is being made DC and I am glad he is.
Segrest’s line was better than Rhoads’ secondary, Anderson’s O-Line, Hargreaves’ LBs and CBB’s Special Teams and yet everyone wants Segrest’s head.
I personally think the right guy has left already and like Dudley I will be very interested to see what Coach Rhoads thinks. I hope he does have a big say. A new defensive voice is needed. Then CBB can concentrate on all of those other areas that performed so badly last season.

So your saying since his Defensive although awful didn’t play as bad as other coaching positions he should get a pass???

Promising 3 Star recruits will most definitely get you 7 win season’s but Coach Patridge had 4 & 5 Star recruits taking visits to Fayetteville, Arkansas that is fact.

I don’t think it’s the Recruiting Stars exclusively that get you the 7 (or 10-win seasons).

Petrino went 20-6 or whatever it was in his last 2 years and didn’t have a bunch of 4 and 5 star players. He had some. But he also had a ton of 3-stars that could play.

Some were underrated and when Knile’s class was re-ranked following graduation that bunch of promising 3 star guys morphed into one of the best classes we have ever had.

You have to have guys that can play. That’s it. The triumvirate of Flowers, Philon and Spaight were (if memory serves) promising 3-stars.

I guess what I’m saying is it isn’t so much about whether a guy has that 4th star as it is about whether he produces like he had it.

There is probably some credence to the argument if they start off as the top-ranked players there is a better chance they will play like that in college.

But you can win with high 3 and 4 star players. To me, every bit as important as whether some guy in his mom’s basement gave a guy a 4th star is what were his other offers? Does he have talent that fits your system and translates to the SEC? Is he at a need position, etc.

I don’t discount a guy like Rawleigh or Drew because they “only” had 3 stars (Drew may have only had 2). I look at the production and see that they were 2 of the better players at their position in the SEC.

On the other hand, several 4-star guys with great offers haven’t done much, yet.

The problem has been we haven’t had production on the other side of the ball from similarly rated players in the last few years.

We need some of those redshirt guys and the top incoming freshmen and Jucos to change that.