Is Scherer gonna be Keith Burns

Didn’t Burns call plays in a bowl game and get promoted? Maybe I have him confused with someone else. I hope coach MS calls a heck of a game at the Liberty Bowl. I think he is a great coach and I hope he comes back.

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My memory is not good enough to answer your question about Burns, but I’ve been thinking that CSP and CMS might very well surprise us and put him at the DC. Everyone expects him to follow Coach Odom to be his DC, but maybe Mike has some ideas of his own and needs to branch off. Maybe wishful thinking, Sam didn’t say anything today to encourage this thought, but agree he’s a great coach and I would love to have him here next year.

Burns used to be a dc out at usc before he joined nutt at arkansas. He was the primary defensive coordinator but shared “co” duties with Bobby Allen.

Bobby Allen filled in as dc a couple of times under nutt.

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That may have been it. Did Allen call a bowl game and go all 85 Bears on some team? Was it the Cotton Bowl vs TX?

Yes I think so

When Burns left for Tulsa, Bobby and Louis Campbell were co-coordinators. Instead of blitzing every other play like Burns with man coverage, they ran a Joe Kines zone and sat back. The front four beat the o-line and no blitzes were hardly needed. That was a good Ark d-line and a crappy Texas o-line. Texas was over matched talent wise in that game.

DJ Cooper was on fire that game! Coach Wash recruit …

Id be happy to take a trip to Sant Fe and bring in Coach Wash who is just as loved in Nashville as Fayetteville or Philly or any of his other successful stops. I think new DC will be recruiter on the rise and as young as possible to be qualified. That is the market and what we need. Coach Odom and Bobby P are quite pair and fit Vegas to a tee. I am certainly not sure that our coaching carousel has finished and consider that setting to be very fluid. Gone are the days of keeping a card in your back pocket to pull a name from a list.

Chris Hampton is 36 I believe - a young man and hopefully a great recruiter.

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