Is Robb Smith employed at Arkansas next year?

[ ] Yes
[ ] No
[ ] When is the first basketball game?


Fire his butt at half time!!

Paul Rhodes is right there

How come Paul Rhodes can’t teach his defensive backs to tackle? They won’t even put their bodies in front of the runners.

No, he’s got to make a change or he will end up like Les for refusing to make changes. Sucks when you’ve got the best QB you’ve had in years and your defense is this awful. Austin is a gamer

No. He’s ridiculous.

Never was impressed withe Robb Smith. He’s gone

All you need to know about Robb Smith in this clip. Todd Blackledge saw the mismatch before it even happened.

Our defense is a disorganized mess.

Smith needs to be fired. I lost track of the number of missed tackles. And, how many times did we see Bama receivers running down the field wide open. Unbelievable. Poor fundamentals – points right to the coaches.

Smith needs to go. The sooner the better. Countless missed tackles, and Bama receivers running down the middle of the field wide open. It looks like our defense from three years ago – a disorganized mess!!

The sad part is we had nine returning starters on D and you would think the experience should add something to the end result but it’s business as usual. Now your best player on defense is gone, Ole Miss might score 70 on us. Smith and CBB’s stock answer will be “This is a good teaching moment” and then the next week we give up 45 or 50 points without an ounce of change. Something has to change on that side of the ball and Smith getting fired would be a good start.

 70?  Wanna bet? OK, your next line says we'll give up 45 or 50, wanna bet on that?  I don't think we give up 50 next week, will be there in person if you wish to name stakes.

How is it, that the Razorback program struggles so much with maintaining a respectable defense? I’m not finding any progress in this area with this staff. Toss the Bama game aside, and we’ve struggled with much lesser opponents as well. At what point do the fans hold the decision makers for creating this dilemma accountable?

The strength of this team was suppose to be the Defense and it has been a disaster

That’s on Smith

Bentonville could put 35 on the board against our defense.

Depends. Who is available and wants the job?

And the guy that hired him

Yepper Todd called it before it even happened.

NOW if an announcer can see that and my son sees it as it plays out, something is just wrong here.