Is Pittman Matt Luke or Ed Orgeron

All of the comments coming from players who know SP are all positive which is great. But, how does he be more of success like Orgeron vs. Matt Luke. Luke was a players coach. They loved him. He loved the school. He hired great coordinators. Good recruiter. He did everything you wanted just didn’t win enough football games. It looks like Georgia has Luke as the replacement for Pittman

I’m asking not questioning how does he become an Orgeron vs. Luke?

Surround himself with great coaches. Future head coaches. And recruit talent. With speed. Who can block and tackle. And DB’s who can look for the ball in the air.

Hopefully he sees that Matt Luke realized, a tad too late, but realized he needed guys with HC experience in his staff

He is neither. He is his own man. He is the man who the football prophets said would dig us out of the pit.

I think Ole Miss made a mistake firing Luke. Just like Arkansas is now, Ole Miss was a dumpster fire. Probation, scholarship reductions, etc. He was placed in a no win situation and the University didn’t support him. Not that I really care about Ole Miss. Pittman will need time .I think at least 4 years. If anything, I think he can recruit and instill toughness in a team that is sorely lacking in it.He must hire a great staff and recruit, recruit, recruit.Then, we will see.

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