Is Perry Costello

Crew calling our side of the bracket?

Someone just text me this.

God I hope not

Same here!

Have not heard yet, but expecting him to be there. Why? Because it seems he’s been at all the CWS that I’ve watched over the past decade or so.

He called at least one of our games in Omaha last year, but he was not behind the plate. If memory serves, he was at first when Heston knocked the Horn first baseman off the bag.

Perry seemed invisible last year and didn’t seem to do any damage to our chances. I just hope he isn’t behind the plate in any of our games!

Costello is one of the two crew chiefs this year, but I’m not sure which game he’ll be on the field for Saturday. This is his eighth CWS.

The other crew chief is Jeff Heinrichs, who is working his seventh CWS.

The other umpires are: Greg Charles, Scott Cline, Adam Dowdy, Billy Haze, David Savage and Grady Smith. The alternates are Ramon Armandariz, Chris Coskey and Steve Mattingly.

You might recognize Armandariz. He was the home plate umpire for the 3 a.m. Arkansas-Missouri State game who Dave Van Horn persuaded to keep the game going after he had called for the tarp.

Yeah, Matt . . . I just saw this (link below). Praying he is in the other bracket. … 019CWS.pdf

The MO State game that lasted all night cost the hogs a trip to Omaha.

I disagree. Losing to Missouri State in the 1-0 game cost Arkansas from probably winning the regional because it put the team in the loser’s bracket, but I don’t think either of those teams were going to beat TCU in Fort Worth the next week.

Missouri State had to play in the 3 a.m. game just like Arkansas. The difference the next night was that Missouri State hit just a little better. You can thank Nate Thompson for that. He had a great lineup in place at Missouri State, just like he has assembled the past two years at Arkansas.

You have a valid point about Coach Thompson!

I have come to realize that Costello is not a bad umpire, UNLESS HE IS BEHIND THE PLATE. His floating strike zone was an abomination.

It makes sense that we have a 50/50 chance of having PC behind the plate for at least one of our games. I’m basing this on the assumption that since he’s one of the two “crew leaders”, he will probably be the HP umpire for the first game he calls. There are 2 games Saturday, so I’d further assume one crew will call the first game (Tech-Michigan), and the second will call our game. If both of those assumptions are true, that is a 1 out of 2 chance we see him for our FSU game.

Beyond that, from watching last year, it appears as if each crew rotates one base per game called. That means we could well catch (or avoid) PC behind home plate again in future games, depending on if we are in the winner’s or loser’s brackets. If he does call our game Saturday, and then there are two more games to be played Sunday, you’d think the same group that called our game would be set up to call the second game Monday (winner’s bracket for our side).

It’s hard to believe we’d be lucky enough to again avoid having him call balls and strikes for one of our games after we “missed” him doing that last year.

If I remember correctly, he went out of the normal rotation for one of our games. That is, he was NOT behind the plate when he might have been expected to be there. Of course there are 6 umpires at the CWS, so I’m not entirely sure of the rotation.

Dave, your memory is correct. Costello was the first base ump when HK shoved the Fallopian 1B off the bag.

That replay was played a few days ago and I enjoyed laughing again! It’s great to beat Texas and see replays that remind you of those wins!

Costello is behind the plate for this Michigan-Texas Tech game, so he won’t be on the field for tonight’s game.

Since he’s the HP ump today, it’s also unlikely he’d be behind the plate if he’s calling our next game.

Good! I have often wondered since we faced him in Arizona did the NCAA purposely not put him behind the plate when he was assigned to our games. I am sure Arkansas and DVH complained about him in Arizona after he games!

He was behind the plate for the elimination game vs. South Carolina at the 2012 CWS. That game, more than the one in Tempe, was the one in which he jammed Arkansas’ bats most.

… and screwed Baxendale’s strike zone.

He just made a controversial batter’s interference call against Michigan.