Is OSU's talent the new bar set really high to expect to win the CWS????????????????????

We played a team with possibly six first round draft picks in OSU. The molester, minus the scandal, is first round talent. The freshman who threw 120 pitches shutting us down just a few days after throwing 30-40 more pitches is a future first rounder. The three drafted in the first round this year added to possibly next years top five pick makes six. (Last year’s Florida team may have had close to that many first round picks playing. They had three this year and how many last year?) We had our best team in almost ever and we got zero first rounders, with a chance in a few years that Hjerstad and Martin might reach that level. Fletcher will be a 4-5 rounder. None of our pitchers this year or projected are first round material. So, do we have to match OSU’s talent to expect to come back and win next time? Was this just a freaky level of talent @ OSU that won’t be repeated often in the future or is THAT what we got to get to win down the line?

Despite all that talent we were 1 popup that we catch 9 times out of 10 from being National Champs. So, no, we don’t have to have all that talent.

We just need to have really good talent and capitalize when the opportunity presents itself.

That’s what’s so bad about losing this one. The stars have to align and then you have to do it.

Martin at FSU is the all time wins leader and he has zero NCs. That’s why it’s such a bitter loss.

We might not ever have the chance, again.

In the past 10 years, UA Baseball has been to 3 Final Fours and a National Championship Final.

There is no reason not to be optimistic about the future.

I’m not sure DVH goes for that type Talent for fear of not signing them but There would never be a better time than now to go after the Nations most elite players.

To win the NCAA Championship in baseball requires elite talent. We’ve been there many times…9 I think, but have never won. This team was talented…probably Van Horn’s best team, but we just weren’t as good as Oregon State. They were a cut above us in talent. We had a big advantage…never losing and getting to the finals that way…which we earned. But OSU came out of the loser’s bracket with their pitching in a bit of disarray and somehow came back and whipped us. Their talent overcame their position. We had it set up and were one foul ball or well placed pitch from an NCAA Championship, but the series turned on that misplayed foul ball. OSU took it from there and just whipped us. We were set up to win even though we weren’t as good. We just missed our opportunity…and like a puff of smoke…it disappeared.

Remember that recruiting for baseball involves much more than finding talent and getting that talent to sign. You then must get them on campus. With only 11.7 scholarships vs MLB money competing for those players, it is a balancing act. Arkansas has several advantages with the indoor facility and competing in the SEC. But just think what could be done with more scholarships.

I don’t expect a change in the scholarship numbers. Between economic considerations (the 200-odd schools outside the Power Five who don’t have Power Five revenue) and Title IX (they’d have to increase scholarships for women somewhere to compensate, whether softball or somewhere else), I just don’t see it happening.

But, again, if we catch a popup on what literally would have been the last play of the game, we are National Champs.

Call that getting whipped if you must but if we catch a popup we sweep them 2-0 and out score them 7-3 in the 2 games.

That’s not getting whipped at all. That’s having it won and making a misplay to lose it.

You must be good and you also must be lucky. The 79 team was probably the best team. They were unlucky in title game. That group hit line drive outs for 9 innings. Things fell right for Hogs this time until two outs in ninth of game two. Just need things to hold one out longer. It will eventually.