Is Norvell interested?

If he is, I think there is your man. I am beyond impressed with what he has done at Memphis.

I would also give Willie Fritz a look down at Tulane. I like the way that team plays, and he was a huge success at all stops before now.


Wondering the same.

He seems to be the #1 choice for a majority of fans.

Be nice to have Memphis recruiting ties and a positive national narrative, on top of what he’s done there.

Yes, Norvell is interested, but AR may not be interested in him.

I am a big Willie Fritz fan. He has won at every level of college football, has an exciting offense, and his teams play sound defense. Tulane has had a total of 8 winning seasons since 1985 and two of them are from the last two seasons under Fritz.

I know there were rumors about Norvell two years ago, but I haven’t seen or heard anything coming out of Memphis to lend any credence to them. He’s had two more years there & nothing has come up I’m aware of. Still, depending on what they are, I think I’d want a strong morals clause in his contract.

One thing is certain. He’s done very well at a program that doe not have a great history or tradition (or facilities or broad support.) He also has strong Arkansas ties.

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If we are not at least interested we are screwing up.

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I would bet that norvell is interested in getting paid. He is already gmaking it know that he is comfortable and loves memphis, in other words, you are going to have to pay to get me to move, especially since he was passed over by us 2 years ago.

Someone on this board has a hook to the BOT (Swine will confirm what I’m saying). After the Miss St game, part of the BOT was discussing giving Morris the axe. They asked HY about possible replacements. HY told them he spoke to at least three candidates, to gauge interest. He specifically mentioned Norvell as one of those.

Now, Jackson also has inside info when it comes to Norvell’s side. He will confirm that Norvell was contacted (or I should say Norvell’s camp). Now between last week and yesterday, the guy with the BOT hook, and a few others (who say they have inside info) have said Norvell is out.

Why? I don’t know, but the speculation is it has something to do with the rumors from two years ago. Dudley a few weeks ago said if they went after Norvell, it would be a complete 180 from what they were looking for two years ago. I’m sure Dudley knows what the rumors are, and I’m guessing there is enough evidence that the rumors about Norvell are possible. At least enough to turn major programs away.

However, Jackson believes that Norvell is still very much in play.

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Norvell is like Morris as far as offensive philosophy and will need defensive help. I think folks thought helping Morris land Chad is would fix the defense. What we learned is Chablis system requires horses we don’t have right now. We actually need a defensive coordinator like Peter goldwing off Alabama staff who has done more with less prior to joining Alabama. Easy to coach when you have best talent.

If bot gonna chase the Gus bus again well norvell May have told them to hit the road as he heads to Florida st.

I approve of/confirm this message.

I have no idea what Norvell supposedly has done to turn some of the PTB off. Must have been fairly bad. I watched some of the Memphis/Ole Miss game in August, and that’s all I’ve ever seen of a Norvell coached team. He has won in the AAC, for whatever that’s worth (and it could be a lot). Maybe he’s the best we can do. Maybe he’s not.

Maybe the results of AU-UGa and AU-UA decide our next coach. I hope not. I got tired of the Gus cult in 2006 and it hasn’t gotten any better in the intervening 13 years.

But I can’t help but think that HY will go somewhere no one expects, just as he did with Muss.

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What I don’t get in today’s day and age everything gets out there yet nobody has put it out there just rumors very odd

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Might be great.

I’m afraid one of the reasons our U might be interested is that they don’t think they have to pay much and can continue to pay like 9th in SEC hoping we have number 1 expectations somehow.

I agree, I’ve seen all kinds of speculation on what the rumors are, but never seen anyone that would know say what those rumors are. Wonder if Memphis started the rumors, so they could keep him.

Yeah, I wouldn’t put much stock in the anti-Norvell stuff right now.

And, I think the Gus-cult is going to be surprised how little interest UA gives him. They know a boatload of fans are like me - they’d rather root for Ole Miss than continue to financially support a UA program headed by Gus.

Could’ve I guess, just seems in our TMZ world we live in if a high profile coach making over 3 mil a year, if there was something seems everybody would know about it

With Norvell’s UCA background & his wife being from Arkansas, they both have the ties to Arkansas. Does not hurt that he is well liked in Memphis which has become a big source for AR recruiting. Norvell is from DFW so hopefully there would be some opportunities for him to further renew TX relationships & recruit well here.

In 2019 Memphis was ranked 67 in recruiting with most of his players being 3* ranking. Out of 22 recruits, 7 were from MS, 5 from TN, 3 from AL, and 2 from TX. Hopefully AR would be an easier team to recruit.

FWIW, which ain’t much, what I’m hearing is that Norvell wants the job, but the PTB don’t want Norvell. Nothing concrete on why. Maybe HY knows something from his UH days.

Unfortunately, like most people Norvell evidently made some mistakes in his past. Enough that he doesn’t fit the “Choir Boy” image that some seem to want in a head football coach. This is us still making decisions based on the Petrino debacle. We are letting him still have an effect on our program.


Man, we can’t get out of our own way. Goodness, can’t believe we would pass on this guy twice. I hate the PTB sometimes. Lord…

Jimmy Johnson was no Choir Boy either, & Frank Broyles therefore backed out on the opportunity to hire him as HC after his retirement from football. Hopefully Norvell would not pull a Petrino or get us in trouble with the NCAA. I trust HY will do his due diligence, including Norvell, & make the best recommendation to the BOT.

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