Is Nick Fulwider healthy?

I haven’t noticed him playing, and he’s a guy I’d love to see take advantage of this 4-game-still-redshirt rule.

I know he has weight to gain, like all young linemen, but he really looks promising.

Who else needs to play some in our early Spring practice/last 3 games?


Foucha - time to move on at FS

Myles - if he emerges can you move Curl to FS and Foucha to nickel?

Isaiah Nichols

Jarrod Barnes - I think plan was to RS since he was wasted in 2017. Can he play last three and still RS?

Koilan Jackson - If he’s healthy and cant play better than the current bunch he needs to move on…Still injured?

A few of the guys I’d love to see - just to see if they resemble SEC players or not.

Boatload of LBs as well: is Dee Walker a contributor beyond special teams? La France? Baptiste is at DE now, is that right?

I would guess Jordan Curtis is on the way out given that he has already redshirted, played sparingly early on special teams and didn’t dress out last weekend?

Afraid LB depth is a vast wasteland that would make Mad Max feel right at home.

Makes you think we might take more than two, right?

I don’t understand why we haven’t see Koilan Jackson at all if healthy. In my opinion he has as much if not more talent than the receivers who have been playing. I would at least like to see him get a chance.

Yes, all good. Won’t surprise me to see him get in a game or two.

My guess is he was overhyped and not what this staff is looking for.

Fulwilder has been on the sidelines in sweats a couple of times, and I seem to remember that he dressed out for Eastern Illinois. He’s a tall kid who looks like he could add a lot of good weight. A bit taller and broader in the shoulders than Randy Ramsey, by way of comparison.

He also will have a head start on some of these other DEs in the recruiting class, so I think he’s one to watch in the spring, even if he does not play any down the stretch this year.

Jake Bequette redshirted.

Last time I delved into this subject, they loved Fulwider’s potential and love him as a player, but there were others ahead of him and it made sense to redshirt him.

I would have though he would get some time. Maybe it is coming now. He certainly flashed in the parts of early practice that we got to see.

What does Jake have to do with anything? Also, hasn’t Koilan has already redshirted?!?

Joe Foucha - I doubt they move on, but I do think he will see more time in these last three games. I can see Focuha at nickel, a place he worked some in preseason.

Myles Mason - has not played as much as Foucha, but know they feel good about his future

Jarrod Barnes - Yes, he could play the last three and still redshirt. His case is puzzling to me because he has the speed.

Isaiah Nichols - has played in two games, bet he plays in two more

Koilan Jackson - He can’t be healthy. If he was, I don’t see how he wouldn’t be playing.

Simply saying just because a guy redshirts, doesn’t mean he’s a miss.

Jackson is a very puzzling deal. He may not be healthy now, but earlier this season he tweeted a practice video of himself making a contested one handed catch in stride. I wish somebody would ask the staff about his situation.

I don’t attend Monday’s PCs, but I will work to get some answers.

That’s not what I implied. I’m implying he may well be a miss IF he’s healthy and not playing on a team with subpar receiver play. My reasoning is he’s already redshirted so there’s no value in sitting him if he’s healthy and can play.

As best as I can tell no reports of him being in a green or yellow jersey this season.

Thank you sir !

Fulwilder reminds me of Dietrich Wise.he has a lot of potential,with his length he could be a handful for any OL once he gets some more meat on his bones.

The coach said after 3 or 4 games he wasn’t 100%, in my opinion WRs try to come back to quickly from knee injury, Childs, and Monk both should have taken a medical year because neither were the players they were prior to the injury when they came back and both started rounding closer to form when the season ended. Look at Chubb from Ga. His first year back was very average to the point Michel was their primary back, imo last year was the first time he started looking like the Freshman and Sophomore Chubb.
All this to say he could leverage a 6th year if he doesn’t play probably and should be 100% next year.

And maybe Burks should RS next season