Is Musselman still in play or not??

If so please get us a coach and let it be him. Schools seam to be getting the coach there after but us. How much longer???

Nobody knows for sure.

We do know that Musselman was at least interested initially and so were some higher ups as well.

It’s safe to say nobody knows anything about this coaching search. We don’t know who is still in play (if they ever were in play) or who isn’t.

My guess is we’ll land someone none of us expected and we haven’t talked much about and when it happens it will happen quick.



Found a post somewhere by a former poster here that seems to usually be in the know that HY was wanting to hire Musselman, but a BOT member wouldn’t allow it until Beard turned us down.

Insiders, is that what you are hearing too?

I heard 2 BOT members. I don’t know what all is true, but this rumor might have a little teeth to it.

They would have to throw a really big number at Beard

I’m all for waiting for the right guy. And I suppose you want to take a shot at the best guy out there - but c’mon Beard ain’t leaving Lubbock for Fayetteville. He has a good thing going there at a place he is comfortable.

I really like to think somewhat out of the box and hire Musselman and get out of his way.

Only that’s going to if we are interested in Musselman, is hack him off and if somebody comes calling he will go to them. We will continue to scramble to try to get a coach hired

He use to work for LSU. I hope LSU doesnt can Wade and go after Musselman

LSU will probably wait on Wade. Probably tell him if he can slither out of the mess he created, they’ll bring him back and double his “recruit pay slush fund”.

LSU won’t easily give up on Wade. If they have to fire him, it’ll be after they’ve exhausted all avenues to exonerate him of FBI mess.